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OKR & performance management software

Click-Up Review


Click-Up is an ultimate all-in-one solution, aiming to revolutionize work management with its comprehensive suite of tools.

Fitbots Review


Fitbots is an impactful platform designed to help businesses execute their strategies successfully by effectively implementing objectives and key results (OKRs).

Xto10X Review


xto10x is a transformative employee experience platform, or PeopleCues, designed to inspire and empower individuals to reach ambitious goals while fostering personal growth.

15Five Review


Designed as a multifaceted performance management software, 15Five is a cornerstone for intelligent insights and actionable strategies rooted in performance metrics. It is an encompassing solution offering a spectrum of tools.

Microsoft Viva Goals Review


Microsoft Viva Goals is a dynamic goal-setting and management solution designed to harmonize teams with your organization's strategic priorities, fostering a culture of achievement and business excellence.

Peoplebox Review


Peoplebox is a versatile platform that links business goals with employee performance and compensation strategies.

Monday.com Review


Monday.com emerges as a comprehensive work management platform, boasting an array of capabilities, including sales CRM and development team management. It houses OKR boards designed to facilitate efficient OKR management.

Engagedly Review


Engagedly is a multifaceted platform designed to empower employees through various performance management, engagement, and growth-focused tools.

Huminos Review


Huminos is a comprehensive OKR software designed to drive business and personnel performance to new heights.

Workboard Review


WorkBoard is an innovative Strategy Execution Platform designed to redefine how businesses approach strategic management.

Quantive Review


Quantive Results is a strategy execution platform meticulously designed to infuse strategic context, priorities, and real-time progress into daily operations.

Betterworks Review


Betterworks is a comprehensive and intelligent performance management software. It provides a robust solution for organizations looking to optimize employee experience and enhance performance metrics by implementing the OKR methodology.

Profit.co Review


Profit.co is a leading OKR software designed to facilitate strategy execution through the powerful OKR methodology.

Lattice Review

#Performance Management

Curious about Lattice? Imagine a tool that transforms how businesses manage their people – from HR processes to performance reviews. Is Lattice the game-changer your organization needs? Let's dive into our detailed review to find out.