Simplify the alignment between people and business goals

Facilitate alignment between individual, team, and business goals with simple visual alignment maps. View alignment in action with the roll-up feature on JOP.

Companies of all sizes uses JOP

Enable high performance with simple OKR alignment maps and roll-up

Employees perform better when they see how their work impacts the key business objectives
through visual OKR alignment, mind maps, and roll-up features.

Establish goals clarity

Facilitate clarity of goals and responsibilities among your team. OKR alignment maps allow them to see how their OKRs link to the top-level goals.

Establish a single source of truth with OKR roll-up

Ensure your employees stay aligned and see the true progress on shared OKRs as the progress values roll up from the bottom to top-level OKRs.

Enhance performance with cross-functional alignment

Transparent OKR alignment allows individuals to plan, innovate, and collaborate to deliver priority projects by aligning their work with the shared goals.

Boost your employees' morale

Allow your people to see how contributions to their OKRs move the needle on the key team and business-level OKRs. Support this knowledge with public recognition to boost their morale.

See alignment and roll-up in action

Align employees with business via OKR mind maps

Make OKR alignment crystal clear with visual mind maps on JOP. See how your OKRs relate to the top business objectives and align your tasks accordingly.

Strengthen employee engagement with roll-up

Let every employee see how their contributions and achievements appear at the company level. Quickly demonstrate how moving the progress on individual KRs move the progress on upper linked OKR.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can OKR alignment maps help me understand the bigger company picture?

You see a visual representation of how individual OKRs are linked to the team, department, and company-level objectives. This helps you see how your work aligns with the overall strategic goals.

How do alignment maps help in facilitating collaboration and transparency?

With OKR alignment maps, you see the interlinking of different teams’ OKRs and how they align with the company’s broader objectives. You can see how your work directly impacts other teams and the organization. This interdependency and company-wide OKR transparency fosters collaboration.

Can I customize the OKR alignment maps to fit my organization's structure and hierarchy?

No, the OKR alignment maps just display the interlinking of OKRs created by your organization. So, when you change the links between OKRs, the alignment maps automatically shift and shape according to the newly created OKR alignment.

Are OKR alignment maps and roll-up available for all levels of the organization?

Yes, to establish transparency, everyone on JOP can see how their OKRs link to the other levels.