Your business strategy may be all over the place. Focus on and achieve the key business goals by organizing your random strategies into OKRs with the help of personalized OKR consultation.

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A good strategy is insufficient to align your team members and achieve your key business objectives.

“Less than one-third of the senior executives' direct reporting leaders truly understand the links between business priorities, and the number falls to 16% for frontline managers.” - HBR

Your organization with and without effective strategy execution via OKRs

Without proper strategy execution and OKRs

  • You set lofty goals in your strategy which don't feature in your team's daily execution.
  • Team members don't feel accountable as key success metrics only remain at the top level.
  • Employees work hard but still don't achieve the key business strategic goals.
  • Team members are busy chasing respective numbers but unable to do impactful work.

With effective strategy execution and OKRs

  • Everyone is clear on the key business goals, which feature in the team's daily execution as OKRs.
  • Team members are accountable as they are included in the goal-setting process.
  • Employees are more focused at work as they work toward transparently shared goals.
  • Team members chase meaningful KRs so they know what will make an impact on the business.

Journey from Strategy to OKRs via JOP OKR Accelerator Program

Identify your prime business priorities and objectives by working closely with our OKR experts. Get step-by-step guidance best suited to your business.