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What to expect from this course?


Part 1:
Basic of OKRs

  • Learn what OKRs are, how they work, and why they're more refined than traditional goal-setting
  • Learn the key elements of Objectives and Key Results and crafting effective ones
  • Understand the process of implementing OKRs

Part 2:
Structure Your Company & Team OKRs

  • Discover how to translate your company's strategic goals into team-aligning OKRs
  • How to prioritize your objectives and agree on OKRs for a year
  • How do you communicate and align the team with the prepared OKRs

Part 3:
Running a Successful OKR Program

  • Move from theory to action with a roadmap for successful OKR implementation
  • Learn best practices for tracking progress and building a culture of accountability
  • Understand the repeating annual and quarterly OKR cycles

OKR Bootcamp

Boost productivity with tasks, quickly review your OKR progress, and complete surveys with the fast and responsive OKR mobile app.

Part 01

Basics of OKRs

  • Understanding the main ideas
  • What’s the difference between OKRs and traditional goal setting?
  • The benefits of OKRs
  • How to best implement OKRs
Part 02

Running a successful OKR program

Part 03

Structuring your company and team OKRS

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course free?

Yes, this is completely free!

How much time does each course part take?

These courses can approximately take Part 1: 50 mins, Part 2: 35 mins, and Part 3: 30 mins.

Do I need any prior knowledge of OKRs to take this course?

No prior knowledge is required! This course is designed for beginners and will guide you through the fundamentals of OKRs.

Will this course cover industry-specific examples of OKRs?

While we may not delve into every industry, the course will provide practical frameworks and a real-world case study that can be adapted to your specific needs.

Does this course offer any ongoing support after completion?

While the course itself is self-contained, you can seek our consultation services and user support team for further queries.

What if I have questions after taking the course?

We encourage you to explore more resources on our website or contact us directly if you have any lingering questions after completing the course.