Enable your team members to set success-defining goals, measure progress, stay aligned, and achieve high performance via JOP

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Companies of all sizes use JOP

Align your company’s RevOps

  • Use OKR dashboards to keep the key metrics that matter to your customers center stage
  • Uncover insights about what drives value for your customers
  • Retain your customers by focusing your efforts on what they care about the most

Adoption, Engagement,Retention

  • Enhance the customer experience by creating customer-centric OKRs and cascading them to individual levels
  • Facilitate cross-team collaboration by creating meaningful and shared OKRs for different teams
  • Don't compromise on the quality of work with outcome-based and measurable goal tracking

Win the global battle for talent

  • Prioritize high-impact objectives by narrowing down your strategy to OKRs that affect your growth
  • Work with focus by creating and optimizing KR-based Actions to drive goal achievement
  • Conduct weekly OKR check-ins to reprioritize efforts and resources and keep your progress on track

Get superior performance from your teams

  • Establish, align and monitor objectives to ensure undisrupted functioning of the business.
  • Get valuable insights to anticipate problems before they even occur through low confidence ratings
  • Workflow, actions all linked to KRs - make sure effort is going towards the important area