Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use the feedback & recognition feature to upgrade my performance and achieve my OKRs?

You can request progress and performance-based feedback from your team members and managers during OKR check-ins or in the middle of your work via JOP's OKR platform. You can specify your feedback to get actionable directions from your leaders.

Can I request feedback from specific team members or managers on JOP?

Yes, you can select any recipient from your team and ask for specific feedback.

Can I see my feedback history on JOP?

Yes, you can view your past feedback (given and received) in the feedback tab on JOP.

Can I give anonymous feedback on JOP?

No, but you can send feedback privately to anyone on the team.

Can I customize recognition badges on JOP to fit my company's culture and values?

Yes, you can customize the employee recognition badges to align with the company's culture and values.

Is there a limit to the recognition badges I can give or receive on JOP?

No, you can send and receive any number of achievement badges on JOP.