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Don’t compromise on your team’s productivity. Manage OKRs and your existing operations efficiently with JOP’s app integration system.

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Receive quick OKR status updates on your Slack channels.

Google Sheets

Migrate your OKRs on JOP with a click


Migrate your OKRs on JOP with a click


Migrate your OKRs on JOP with a click


Migrate your OKRs on JOP with a click


Migrate your OKRs on JOP with a click

Connect from over 1000 different apps to JOP

JOP plus Zapier integration allows you to connect almost any application to our OKR software.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change the poll end date for the survey after being published?

Yes, you can change/extend the poll end date once the survey is published.

Can I have a free trial of JOP?

In some cases you can, contact us for more.

Can JOP integrate with Zendesk?

Our product team is rapidly working to build integrations, and we’ll be launching them in the next couple of months. Once launched, users will be able to work seamlessly with the best of JOP and a platform like Zendesk, with a single source of truth linked through Zapier. Watch this space for more!

Should the daily business be separated from the OKRs?

Absolutely not! This is what OKRs are for. It's a methodology to help your team set and track measurable goals. The key results are used to measure progress—so your goals are tied to your team’s day-to-day work. A separate to-do list will only hinder your goal setting for the entire team and eventually for the organization. Also, it is interesting when common goals such as process optimization arise through linkage with the goals of other departments.

What are the benefits of OKRs for employees?

Proven goal-setting strategy to help team and company reach goals.

  • Getting the attention of your leader.
  • Getting appraisal
  • connect the company and team goals to weekly plans for measurable results

Can I request feedback from teammates?

Yes, you can request feedback from teammates, it’ll help you build up your performance.

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