Chase meaningful, actionable, and team alignment goals that set your people towards successful growth.

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Companies of all sizes use JOP

Set goals and boost employee performance with OKRs

Ensure your employees speak the same language and engage in meaningful execution with OKRs. Track your progress on goals and optimize for high performance using JOP.

Plan aspirational goals with OKRs

Create OKRs that define success for your business

  • Think of what matters for your business and put them into cascading OKRs
  • Boost innovative initiatives by having a mix of top-down and bottom-up goal setting
  • Easily identify priority goals with the ‘KR weightage’ feature

Align team goals with company goals

Ensure everyone works for the common purpose - business success.

  • Bring your people on the same page by linking individual OKRs to the team and company-level OKRs
  • Help employees enhance their performance by spotlighting goals and priorities on JOP
  • Enable everyone to align their work easily with visual ‘JOP Alignment Maps’

Track goals with Insights

Use the OKR insights to set meaningful goals and achieve them.

  • Identify the roadblocks in team performance by tracking progress on OKRs
  • Motivate your people to perform better with insights on employee recognition and performance reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

How can OKR goal-setting be beneficial for my business?

OKRs help you improve focus and execution by breaking top-level aspirational objectives into specific, measurable, and time-bound goals. The OKR goal-setting brings everyone together to work on common goals.

Do I get any educational resources to do effective goal-setting?

Yes, you can go through JOP's OKR Academy and blogs to learn the most effective ways to set your OKRs. You get OKR templates and best practices to implement OKRs in your organization.

Does JOP have in-app guidance or training to make the OKR goal-setting easier?

Yes, you get access to the in-app training resources to help you navigate the platform and use it best.

Can I see how my company OKRs are linked to the cascading team or individual-level OKRs on one screen?

Yes, JOP has a simple and visual 'Alignment maps' feature that shows how your OKRs are related.

Can I create and track OKRs for different teams using JOP?

Yes, you can set and manage individual, team, and company-level OKRs easily on JOP. You can also link all these OKRs to each other and ensure everyone is on the same page and working towards the same top-level goals.

How can I track individual progress toward goals and identify areas where support is needed?

You can either click on an objective and see individual KR progress or go to the 'Insights' dashboard and view individual progress in one place. The best way to do this is a combination of both. You get a more accurate picture of the individual performance and identify the challenges they must be facing.

Does JOP have any comment feature to note essential feedback on the goals?

Yes, just click on any objective and add the required comment on the side. Moreover, you can also add benchmarks to your individual KRs in their comment section.