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Empowering behavioral health with JOP

Behavioral Health Pilot Partner Offering

Free exclusive offer to 3 BH companies
(Behavioral Health OKR Pilot Initiative) valued at approximately $15,000.00

JOP is taking an OKR initiative for the behavioral health industry and is looking for 3 pilot partners that are well established, respected in the industry and willing to proactively participate and be a success case study of how a behavioral health provider can rapidly take their companies to a new level the way companies like Intel, Google and others using OKRs.

JOP is providing at no cost its OKR expertise and platform to insure the success of its 3 pilot partners for 6 months. JOP will coach and monitor the partner’s 6 month journey to effectively apply OKRs to its business growth and sustainability.

The value to the partners is approximately $15,000. There is no financial obligation on behalf of the participating partners. At the end of six months the partners are free to disengage or continue at very reasonable monthly subscription.

Take control and move your company’s critical performance areas forward rapidly!

  • AMA/ACA (against clinical advice) Management
  • Outcome surveys
  • Post treatment services
  • Family training and support
  • Intake / sales conversions and training
  • Lead Followup
  • Maintaining a referral partner network
  • Internet marketing
  • Traditional marketing
  • Reputation management
  • Track facilities and employee activities & progress
  • Insurance billing
  • Insurance contracts
  • Payment options for those without insurance
  • Accounts payable
  • Dietary plans and budgets
  • Housekeeping
  • Staying in certification requirements
  • Performing Accreditation Audits CARF – JCAHO
  • Expanding treatment facilities
  • Expanding treatment services
  • Keeping staff in line with company mission and vision
  • Positioning business for sale
  • Facility maintenance
  • Drug testing and budget
  • Funding strategies
  • Managing 3rd party consulting partners
  • Treatment team current with CEU requirements
  • Managing facilities cost
  • Industry events
  • Medication management