Understand how OKRs work and learn the best OKR implementation practices with our engaging 10-email course.

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Who is this for?

Founders and CEOs looking to align employees toward top-line objectives.

Managers who want to help their teams mature period

Employees looking to grow and make an impact.

Day 1
What is Business performance enhancement? How does it differ from people performance and why does your organization need it?
High-performance culture and its importance
Day 2
Day 3
Building a high-performance culture with OKRs
Right time for companies implement the OKR methodology
Day 4
Day 5
Making your team OKR ready
Preparing your organization for change management
Day 6
Day 7
Best practices on creating cross-functional OKRs
Managing OKRs smoothly
Day 8
Day 9
Best practices on conducting an OKR check-in
Retrospecting on progress and iterating for the future
Day 10