Facilitate high team performance with a simple, action-oriented OKR framework and JOP's CAFE methodology

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The Problem

Disconnect between Strategy and Execution

Business leaders spend a long time building great strategy, but it becomes meaningless if not linked to execution

Unaligned Teams

Metrics remain at the senior leadership level and may not reach the frontline employees

Lack of Focus & too many Priorities

Firefighting takes away focus from strategic goals.

Pyramid of Growth

A thoughtful strategy is incomplete without proper execution. Scale up the growth pyramid by combining meaningful planning with spot-on execution. Leverage the JOP's wheel methodology to upgrade your performance and achieve your growth OKRs.

JOP's CAFE Methodology

Many organizations resonate with these key aspects of strategy execution in their teams: Clarity, Focus, Alignment, and Execution. That's why we have ingrained the CAFE with OKRs in JOP


Your people need clarity and purpose in their jobs to effectively work toward their goals. Set a clear strategic direction for your whole team with OKRs.

  • Dedicated consultation to help you carefully distill business strategy into OKRs
  • Spotlight priorities with a transparent company dashboard on JOP


For enhanced execution, your people must align well with the key business goals and cross-functionally. OKRs help you rally your team to chase priority company objectives.

  • Allow your team to connect their work priorities with the team and company OKRs
  • Strengthen cross-functional alignment by linking team members to clear objectives


Achievement is highly likely when your people focus on high-priority goals. Concentrate the team's efforts on the key business goals via OKRs.

  • Assign transparent OKR ownership and allow your team to focus on high-priority tasks
  • Conduct regular OKR check-ins to avoid losing focus on your priorities


Practice on-target execution via delegating meaningful actions, collaboration tools, nudges, and making data-driven decisions, all on the same platform.

  • Assign priority actions to team members and promote high-performance
  • Track progress on goals and related actions in real time via dashboards and OKR insights

Simplify Your OKR Implementation With JOP


  • Business Understanding: Detailed discussion about your company's unique situation with JOP's OKR and Business Experts
  • Company Structure: Learning about your organization structure to create team-aligning goals
  • Cultural Fit Check: Understanding exactly what change management your organization requires to align with the OKR framework


  • Strategy to OKRs: Create your business, team, and individual-level OKRs with expert guidance
  • Alignment: Link all OKRs carefully with top-level goals through cascading and bottom-up alignment
  • Onboarding & Rollout: Train and get your teams on board with JOP’s customer success team

Post Onboarding

  • Change management support: Consult with the experts and adopt the best OKR implementation practices
  • Ongoing user support: Receive training resources and mid-quarter assistance when you go off-track
  • Dedicated OKR Consultation (Optional): Get OKR Coach support to simplify your OKR adoption

Steadily transition to OKR framework with JOP

We understand implementing the OKR framework can be complicated. Get personalized guidance on OKR best practices from our in-house OKR and strategy execution experts.

  • OKR Academy (OKR Examples + Educational Resources)
  • OKR Champions Training
  • One-to-one consultation with JOP’s OKR Experts
  • Mid-quarter check-ins with OKR Coaches when needed
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