Security Policy

JOP believes in the safety and security of your information to be of utmost importance. We make sure that the industry standard measures to ensure your information is safe are implemented. However, nothing can be 100% secure. There can be events beyond our control for which we do not take any responsibility or assume any liability.

Data Security

All the information is stored on industry standard infrastructure with adequate logical partitioning. Wherever confidential data would be envisaged, it would be protected by encryption or related technology controls. The website is hosted and managed from on the infrastructure of renowned Cloud service provider.

Identity Control

We make sure only the authorized user has access to information and your account. The identity will be granted only after proper authentication mechanisms.

Access Control

We have proper access levels by which one can grant only the appropriate levels of access to data as necessary as per the job profile of the employees in the organization and implement granular access control and share information internally strictly on the need to know basis for sharing of any information.

Internal Conduct Code

We have internal code within the organization for ensuring information security processes are properly maintained and also adhere to all the guidelines issued by our server infrastructure provider as far as possible


We constantly monitor all the technical activity on our platform through appropriate alerts and logs to take any appropriate action as required. Our Infrastructure provider also monitors the server and network activity to prevent any unauthorized access or damage.

Contact Us

If you have questions about this policy or if you wish to report any bugs or any technical issues you may encounter, please reach out through our contact form on