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4.8 out of 5


WorkBoard is an innovative Strategy Execution Platform designed to redefine how businesses approach strategic management.

Recently integrating AI into its framework, it focuses on functionalities crucial for effective business performance, such as business scorecards, comprehensive reviews, OKR management, and workflow and task management solutions.

This platform caters to a diverse spectrum of organizations, irrespective of size or industry.

In this detailed review, we delve into the nuances of WorkBoard, exploring its array of features, assessing its advantages and limitations, presenting user reviews, and dissecting its pricing plans.

This thorough analysis offers valuable insights to top leaders, team managers, and decision-makers seeking an optimal OKR management platform for their organization.

Workboard Rating

Feature Workboard JOP
Meets requirements8.89.4
Ease of Use8.69.6
Quality of Support9.89.5
Product Direction9.410

Workboard Review

  • WorkBoard excels in providing detailed progress reports accompanied by comprehensive graphical representations. These reports offer a visual overview of key metrics, allowing teams and leaders to gauge performance and track progress effortlessly.
  • The inclusion of Gen AI within WorkBoard is a significant advantage. This feature assists users in crafting effective and strategic OKRs and action items. The AI-driven guidance streamlines the process, enhancing efficiency and ensuring that objectives align effectively with overarching strategies.
  • WorkBoard offers the convenience of conducting presentations directly within its platform. This feature allows for seamless communication of strategies, goals, and progress updates during meetings, fostering collaboration and clarity among team members.
  • WorkBoard offers extensive support resources for its users. From comprehensive documentation and tutorials to responsive customer support, the platform ensures that users can access the necessary guidance and assistance, facilitating smoother adoption and utilization of its features.
  • WorkBoard lacks an easily accessible or intuitive method for users to calculate the OKR attainment percentage. This could create difficulties in quickly and accurately assessing the progress made towards key objectives, which is crucial for effective decision-making.
  • Some users have found the navigation within WorkBoard to be complex and overwhelming. The platform’s layout or menu structure might not be as intuitive as desired, leading to difficulties in swiftly locating specific features or functions.
  • While WorkBoard does offer a comment feature, it might not be as user-friendly as expected. Improvements in the design or functionality of this feature could enhance collaboration and communication among team members using the platform.
  • WorkBoard is missing some essential features, such as surveys and an OKR Activity log. These features are valuable for gathering feedback, conducting assessments, and maintaining a comprehensive record of OKR-related activities, which could limit the platform’s functionality.
  • WorkBoard’s pricing information is not transparently available on their website. This lack of clarity regarding pricing plans or structures could make it challenging for potential users to assess the platform’s affordability and suitability for their specific needs before engaging with sales representatives or initiating trials.
Workboard Pricing

Unfortunately, WorkBoard maintains a policy of not publicly disclosing its pricing plans on its official website.

This lack of transparency regarding pricing details might pose a challenge for potential users or interested parties who seek to evaluate the platform’s affordability and suitability for their organization’s needs.

The absence of openly available pricing information means that interested users must contact WorkBoard’s sales or customer service representatives directly to obtain specific pricing details.

This process might involve discussing, scheduling demos, or requesting quotes tailored to the organization’s requirements.

However, this approach can be viewed positively as it may allow for more personalized pricing structures that align with the specific needs, scale, and objectives of individual businesses.

Nonetheless, the lack of publicly available pricing might deter potential users who prefer immediate access to pricing information for initial assessments and comparisons with other platforms.

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Workboard Features

1. Goal-setting and alignment

Workboard facilitates effective OKR goal-setting and alignment across teams and individuals. Its OKR Alignment view provides a comprehensive overview of how various objectives align with broader organizational goals.

Additionally, the platform allows for the easy copying of OKRs between different quarters or teams, streamlining the process.

2. OKR tracking

Workboard simplifies OKR tracking by providing a user-friendly interface. Users can track OKR progress and assign confidence levels or ratings to gauge the certainty of achieving objectives. Additionally, the platform allows tracking Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that align with OKRs.

3. Collaboration and execution

Workboard supports collaboration and execution by offering specific action item features within OKRs. Integrations with popular tools streamline workflows, while the platform allows comments, document attachments, and continuous two-way feedback, fostering seamless collaboration among teams.

4. OKR review

Workboard facilitates regular OKR reviews, streamlining business reviews with automatic scorecards. This feature allows for the streamlined assessment of OKR progress and alignment during review periods.

5. Analytics and Reporting

Workboard provides comprehensive analytics and reporting related to OKRs. It enables progress assessments with ratings and qualitative evaluations, providing a holistic understanding of OKR performance. Users can download OKR reports for in-depth analysis and review.

6. User Experience

Workboard aims to provide an ideal user experience for OKR management. The integration of Gen AI into the platform assists in creating OKRs and action items efficiently.

Instant notifications keep users updated, and integrations with common tools ensure a seamless workflow. Workboard also offers a mobile app for on-the-go access and management of OKRs.



Workboard appears to be a robust strategy execution platform, yet its potential might not be apparent from its website.

While it boasts many commendable features, some essential elements, such as anonymous surveys, OKR Activity logs, and OKR Grading/Rating, are notably absent.

These features are pivotal for productive OKR management software, and their absence could impact the platform’s comprehensive functionality.

Additionally, the lack of transparent pricing plans may make it challenging for potential users to understand the costs associated with the platform.

Many affordable alternatives in the market provide these features, offering a more comprehensive solution.

We hope this detailed review shows Workboard’s strengths and limitations, aiding you in making an informed decision about the most suitable OKR software for your organization.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Workboard integrate with popular collaboration tools such as Slack and Microsoft Teams?

Yes, Workboard can integrate with Slack, Asana, Microsoft Teams, G-suite, and many other tools.

Is Workboard's OKR software appropriate for both small and large businesses?

Yes, you can use Workboard for small, medium, and large businesses.

What kind of support and resources are available for training our team?

Workboard offers 24/7 technical support, in-app onboarding, instructor-led courses, self-paced learning, and services support.

Which are the competitors to Workboard?
  • JOP (Joy of Performing)
  • Betterworks
  • Weekdone
  • Quantive