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xto10x is a transformative employee experience platform, or PeopleCues, designed to inspire and empower individuals to reach ambitious goals while fostering personal growth.

This platform catalyzes performance excellence, focusing on three pivotal pillars of people management: Employee Engagement, Objectives & Key Results (OKRs), and Performance Management.

In this comprehensive analysis, we dive deep into xto10x’s various features. From its standout capabilities to areas for improvement, we unearth the platform’s strengths and weaknesses, accompanied by insightful user reviews.

Additionally, we navigate the intricacies of its pricing plans, providing a thorough understanding for decision-makers seeking a holistic solution to elevate their people management strategies.

Xto10X Rating

Feature xto10x JOP
Meets requirements8.49.4
Ease of Use8.49.6
Quality of Support9.19.5
Product Direction9.110

Xto10X Review

  • xto10x excels in promoting consistent engagement through its regular check-in reminders. These automated reminders prompt users to maintain regular communication, update progress, and align efforts, fostering accountability and transparency within teams.
  • The platform’s view and layouts are thoughtfully designed with task hierarchies in mind. This structured approach allows users to visualize and organize tasks hierarchically, facilitating better understanding and managing complex workflows and goals.
  • xto10x streamlines the OKR management process by offering the convenience of bulk uploading OKRs. This feature accelerates the setup phase and saves time for users dealing with multiple objectives and key results, ensuring a smoother transition and quicker platform adoption.
  • The inclusion of a survey module within xto10x adds value by enabling teams to gather valuable insights and feedback. This feature allows the creation and distribution of surveys tailored to specific objectives, helping organizations collect meaningful data and opinions from their teams and fostering a culture of continuous improvement and engagement.
  • Users might face difficulties exporting OKRs from xto10x, as the process could be less intuitive or require additional steps. This limitation might hinder the seamless data transfer or sharing of OKRs with stakeholders outside the platform.
  • While xto10x covers various aspects of people management, it may lack the laser focus seen in tools exclusively designed for OKRs. This broader approach might mean that certain functionalities or nuances specific to OKR management could be less comprehensive or specialized compared to dedicated OKR-specific tools.
  • The lack of a dedicated mobile app restricts the accessibility and convenience of xto10x for users who prefer managing tasks or goals on the go. This limitation might impact user engagement and hinder real-time updates or check-ins outside desktop usage.
  • xto10x lacks AI-driven features that could enhance user experience and efficiency. The absence of built-in AI assistance might limit the platform’s ability to offer personalized suggestions, automated task allocation, or predictive insights, affecting the speed and accuracy of decision-making.
  • The inability to download reports in PDF format might inconvenience users who prefer or require this file format for sharing or presentation purposes. This limitation might restrict flexibility in sharing information or analysis conducted within the platform.
  • xto10x lacks the functionality to mandate certain tags, such as task status, during check-ins. Enforcing mandatory tags could add clarity and consistency to updates and ensure that essential information is consistently provided during check-ins. This absence might lead to incomplete or inconsistent data input.
xto10x Pricing

xto10x has 3 simple pricing plans.

OKRs and Performance Management Plan ($6 per user per month): This is a foundational tier. It caters to users seeking a comprehensive suite of tools for OKR tracking, goal management, and robust performance management features.

Employee Engagement Plan ($2 per user per month): This budget-friendly plan elevates employee engagement. It focuses on providing essential features to bolster employee engagement strategies.

All-in-One Plan ($7 per user per month): This premium tier consolidates the offerings from the OKRs, Performance Management, and Employee Engagement plans. Additionally, it includes expert-led assistance, offering a full-fledged suite of tools and guidance to support organizations in their journey toward enhanced performance, engagement, and goal alignment.

All in one Plan – Features $10/user/month
OKR and Goal TrackingInfinite Cascade
Analytics and DashboardActivity Log
OKRs LibraryEmployee self reflections
Price comparison

xto10x is one of the most cost-effective OKR management software in the market, but it still lacks in areas like ease of use, built-in AI assistance, and thoughtful OKR management features.

If you look around, you will find OKR software like the JOP (Joy of Performing), which is more affordable and intuitive and includes features that xto10x does not.

xto10x JOP
All in one PlanScale Up

Xto10X Features

1. Goal-setting and alignment

xto10x facilitates goal-setting and alignment through its intuitive OKR Tree. This feature visually represents objectives and key results in a hierarchical structure, enabling users to grasp the relationship between various goals and ensure alignment with broader organizational objectives.

The OKRs Library is a repository for predefined or customizable objectives and key results. This feature streamlines goal-setting by offering a collection of templates or previously set OKRs, aiding users in setting effective and aligned goals.

2. OKR tracking

xto10x empowers users with custom visibility controls for OKRs. This feature allows users to set specific visibility permissions, controlling who can access or view certain objectives or key results. This ensures confidentiality, privacy, and appropriate information distribution.

The Activity Log comprehensively records actions and changes made within the platform. This feature offers transparency by giving users a chronological history of updates, modifications, or contributions to OKRs, aiding accountability and traceability.

3. Collaboration and execution

xto10x encourages employee self-reflection through dedicated tools or spaces within the platform. This feature allows individuals to assess their performance, goals, and contributions, fostering self-awareness and personal development.

The platform offers instant notifications to inform users about updates, changes, or activities related to their goals. This real-time notification system ensures timely updates and facilitates prompt actions or responses, enhancing collaboration and agility.

xto10x aids execution by providing tools for defining and tracking action items associated with goals. This feature enables the breakdown of objectives into actionable steps, fostering accountability and progress towards goal achievement.

4. OKR review

xto10x offers an Activity Dashboard tailored for OKR review purposes. This dashboard provides a centralized view of activities, progress, and key metrics related to objectives and key results. It allows stakeholders to gain real-time insights, enabling informed decision-making and facilitating discussions during review sessions.

The platform incorporates Check-Ins, enabling regular interactions between managers and team members to review OKRs, discuss progress, address challenges, and align efforts. These sessions promote continuous feedback and adaptation, ensuring goals remain on track and aligned with organizational objectives.

5. Analytics and Reporting

xto10x provides Governance Analytics to assess and monitor compliance, adherence to set guidelines, and performance against governance standards. This feature ensures that the OKR processes align with organizational protocols, policies, and standards, providing insights into managing goals effectively within defined parameters.

6. User experience

xto10x enhances user experience by offering the support of a Dedicated Account Manager. This personalized service provides users with a direct point of contact for queries, assistance, and guidance, ensuring a smooth and responsive customer experience tailored to the organization’s needs.

The platform prioritizes user experience by providing onboarding and implementation training. This support equips users with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively utilize xto10x. Through structured training sessions, users gain proficiency in navigating the platform’s functionalities, maximizing its potential, and ensuring a successful integration within their workflows.



While xto10x presents itself as a consolidated solution for performance management, OKR tracking, and employee engagement, it falls short of achieving the pinnacle of efficient and user-friendly OKR software.

Despite its attempt at simplifying these crucial aspects of people management, the platform lacks several key features necessary for a comprehensive OKR management tool.

The absence of functionalities such as AI Assistance, OKR Grading, and recognition feedback undermines its potential to provide a more robust and thoughtful experience.

These missing elements may impede its ability to stand out in a market where efficiency, user-friendliness, and innovative features play pivotal roles in meeting the dynamic needs of organizations seeking comprehensive OKR solutions.

You can easily find other similarly priced OKR intuitive software, including these features as built-in functionalities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can xto10x integrate with popular collaboration tools such as Slack and Microsoft Teams?

Yes, xto10x can integrate with Slack, Jira, Microsoft Teams, and other tools.

Is xto10x's OKR software appropriate for both small and large businesses?

Yes, you can use xto10x for small, medium, and large businesses.

What kind of support and resources are available for training our team?

xto10x offers a help center and paid personalized help for the product.

Which are the competitors to 15Five?
  • JOP (Joy of Performing)
  • Profit.co
  • Huminos
  • Fitbots
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