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4.8 out of 5


4.8 out of 5

Overview is a leading OKR software designed to facilitate strategy execution through the powerful OKR methodology. stands out by enabling organizations to iterate swiftly using a structured Plan-Execute-Engage-Learn cycle, ensuring agility and adaptability every quarter.

One of its primary strengths lies in its adaptability to organizations of varying sizes. It offers significant customization, making the implementation of OKRs seamless and tailored to specific organizational needs. also boasts a suite of integrated functionalities, including inbuilt strategy tracking, task management tools, and modules dedicated to enhancing both employee engagement and development.

In this article, we delve into the intricate features of, dissecting its advantages and disadvantages, analyzing user feedback, and unveiling the intricacies of its pricing plans.

The aim of this article is to provide top leaders, team managers, and decision-makers with a comprehensive understanding of’s capabilities and how it aligns with the needs of their organizations. Rating

Feature JOP
Meets requirements9.29.4
Ease of Use8.79.6
Quality of Support9.79.5
Product Direction9.49.7 Review

  • allows users to tailor their experience by turning off specific features. This adaptability ensures that organizations can streamline their interface to focus on the functionalities most pertinent to their workflow. This feature customization contributes significantly to a more user-centric and efficient experience.
  • The software offers Flexible Workspaces, providing an organized and collaborative environment for managing meetings and projects. These Workspaces empower teams to centralize discussions, documents, and tasks, fostering seamless communication and streamlined project management within a dedicated space.
  • A standout feature is the software’s capability to generate PowerPoint reports instantly. This feature enables users to swiftly compile and share comprehensive OKR progress reports in a visually engaging PowerPoint format. This functionality streamlines the presentation of key information and achievements to stakeholders or team members.
  • allows users to customize their OKR views according to their preferences. This customization ability empowers individuals to tailor the display of objectives and key results, ensuring they align with their unique working styles and focus areas. Such adaptability enhances user experience and fosters better engagement with the OKR framework.
  • Super users often face an inundation of notifications, some of which might be unnecessary or redundant. This excessive notification flow could lead to user distraction and a cluttered interface, impacting their focus and hindering productivity within the platform.
  • While the software offers some customization, it’s restricted mainly to generating individual efficiency reports regularly. This limitation might hinder users seeking more comprehensive customization options, especially concerning different aspects of the OKR process.
  • Users encounter limitations in the range of report download options available. This restriction might pose challenges when extracting or exporting specific data or formats needed for comprehensive analysis or presentations outside the platform.
  • The absence of a user check-in history within creates hurdles during performance reviews and check-ins. This limitation prevents users from reviewing past performance insights and benchmarks effectively. Moreover, the inability to delete accidental check-ins adds complexity to data accuracy and management within the system. Pricing’s pricing structure offers a tiered approach, catering to organizations at different stages of OKR implementation, providing flexibility for growth and scaling according to varying business requirements.

Launch Plan: It serves as a starting point for organizations interested in exploring the OKR framework within As a free plan, it provides a minimalistic approach to understanding and testing the OKR methodology.

Growth Plan: This plan is tailored for companies ready to expand their OKR adoption across multiple teams. It also caters to organizations planning to implement OKRs, Tasks, and Employee Engagement functionalities within the software. Priced at $9 per user per month, it offers a more comprehensive suite of features than the Launch Plan.

Enterprise Plan: It is designed for organizations fully committed to integrating OKR-centric management methodologies throughout their business structure. This plan is ideal for companies ready to implement the complete spectrum of’s modules, including Strategy, OKRs, Tasks, Employee Engagement, and Performance Management. The pricing is determined on a custom basis.

Let’s take a look at the features in the Growth plan of

Growth Plan $9/user/month
OKR ManagementInbuilt OKR Template
OKR AlignmentCheck-ins
OKR DashboardsOKR Reviews (PPP Methodology)
Price comparison is a comprehensive OKR management software that has evolved to include many OKR management features – perhaps too many. Many users have found the number of functionalities overwhelming.

If you consider alternatives to, you will find OKR software that is easier to use and has all the essential OKR management features, like the JOP (Joy of Performing). And the software comes at more affordable pricing, too. JOP
Growth PlanScale Up
$9/user/month$6.49/user/month Features

1. Goal-setting and alignment simplifies the OKR setting process with pre-designed templates that guide users through creating objectives and key results, ensuring a structured approach in goal formulation.

The platform facilitates visualizing and aligning OKRs across different hierarchies, allowing teams to understand how their objectives contribute to larger organizational goals.

2. OKR tracking enables users to conduct regular check-ins, fostering accountability and progress tracking, ensuring teams stay aligned and focused on their objectives.

The software offers comprehensive dashboards that present real-time insights into OKR progress, providing visibility and enabling informed decision-making.

3. Collaboration and execution allows customizing task-related fields, enhancing adaptability, and tailoring task execution according to specific organizational needs.

The platform automates reminders and notifications, ensuring users stay updated with task deadlines, progress, and any required actions.

It encourages collaboration and incorporates social features like likes, comments, and mentions, facilitating seamless communication and engagement among team members.

4. OKR review employs the PPP methodology in OKR reviews, streamlining discussions around planning, tracking progress, and addressing challenges or obstacles.

This feature allows for reflecting on past OKRs’ success or challenges and resetting new objectives, promoting a continuous improvement cycle.

5. Analytics and Reporting

The platform enables users to generate PowerPoint reports swiftly, aiding in presenting comprehensive OKR data and insights. offers company-wide dashboards and department-specific heat maps, providing a holistic view of performance and progress at both macro and micro levels.

6. User Experience

The availability of a mobile app enhances accessibility, enabling users to manage and monitor OKRs on the go.

The platform empowers users by allowing them to toggle specific features on or off, offering a personalized experience that matches their preferences and needs.


Conclusion presents a commendable array of features that facilitate flexibility and integration with various tools, offering a comprehensive platform for OKR management.

However, while excels in flexibility; it may lack the seamless ease of use and productivity that define an exceptional OKR management tool.

The platform, although robust, might require a learning curve for users seeking quick and effortless goal management and a stronger emphasis on execution.

Ultimately, the choice of the ideal OKR software depends on specific organizational requirements and preferences, as well as the balance between flexibility and ease of use.

We hope this review provides clarity in selecting the most suitable OKR solution for your business needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can integrate with popular collaboration tools such as Slack and Microsoft Teams?

Yes, can integrate with Slack, Jira, Microsoft Teams, G-suite, and many other tools.

Is's OKR software appropriate for both small and large businesses?

Yes, you can use for small, medium, and large businesses.

What kind of support and resources are available for training our team? offers a dedicated help center, FAQs, OKR training resources, and expert support to train your teams.

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