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4.8 out of 5


Peoplebox is a versatile platform that links business goals with employee performance and compensation strategies.

This tool seamlessly combines strategy execution, performance management, and compensation alignment to fuel consistent progress toward larger organizational objectives.

Designed to cater to a wide range of businesses, Peoplebox is an inclusive solution adaptable to various business environments.

In this thorough analysis, we’ll take a deep dive into the features of Peoplebox, uncovering its functionalities, benefits, limitations, user feedback, and the finer details of its pricing plans.

Read on as we dissect this platform to help you make informed decisions for your team and organization.

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Feature Peoplebox JOP
Meets requirements8.69.4
Ease of Use8.89.6
Quality of Support8.89.5
Product Direction9.110

Peoplebox Review

  • Peoplebox provides a dedicated space for one-on-one meetings, streamlining the scheduling, documenting, and tracking discussions between managers and team members. This feature fosters better communication and alignment, enhancing overall team productivity.
  • One of Peoplebox’s strengths lies in its compatibility with popular platforms like Google Sheets and Slack. This integration streamlines data sharing and communication, allowing users to harness the power of these tools within the Peoplebox ecosystem, promoting ease of access and collaboration.
  • With its self-goal-setting option, Peoplebox proactively enables individuals to track their assigned tasks and objectives. This feature encourages accountability and autonomy among team members, fostering a culture of self-management and achievement.
  • Peoplebox prides itself on offering a straightforward and intuitive user interface. By minimizing complexity makes the platform more accessible to users, ensuring smoother adoption and quicker navigation through the system’s functionalities. This simplicity enhances user experience, especially for those new to the platform.
  • Peoplebox lacks a visual indicator, like color coding, that swiftly communicates the status of Key Results. This absence can make it challenging for users to grasp progress or setbacks without delving into detailed reports.
  • The platform does not allow for anonymous surveys. Anonymity can be crucial for gathering honest and unbiased employee feedback, particularly when candid responses are necessary.
  • A missing feature within Peoplebox is the ability to attach files or documents directly to specific goals or Key Results. This limitation can hinder comprehensive documentation and contextualization of the tasks or objectives.
  • Peoplebox may have room for improvement in its data visualization tools and chart options. Users often find it beneficial to have comprehensive charts or graphics to quickly dissect quarterly OKRs and goals. The current visualization might lack depth or clarity, making it difficult to analyze data efficiently.
  • While Peoplebox is a performance and strategy execution platform, it might lack some advanced features specifically tailored for extensive OKR management. This absence may limit its capabilities for organizations seeking more intricate and detailed OKR functionalities.
Peoplebox Pricing

Peoplebox offers five different pricing plans for its performance and OKR management functionalities.

Performance + Engagement Plan ($7 per user per month): This plan is a foundational package encompassing essential performance management tools and fundamental OKR management capabilities. It provides the core functionalities required for goal setting, tracking, and basic engagement features.

OKR Platform: Starting slightly higher at $8 per user per month, this plan expands on the Performance + Engagement Plan by offering additional features such as business reviews and enhanced KPIs management. It aims to provide comprehensive insights into performance metrics and business reviews to supplement the OKR management process.

Full-Suite Professional Plan: At $12 per user per month, this plan offers an all-inclusive suite comprising everything available in the Performance + Engagement and OKR Platform plans. It consolidates performance management, engagement, business reviews, and advanced KPIs management into a comprehensive package.

Full-Suite Premium Plan: Building upon the Professional Plan, the Premium tier, priced at $15 per user per month, adds exclusive features like a dedicated Customer Success Manager and comprehensive Onboarding and implementation support.

Enterprise Plan (Custom Pricing): The Enterprise Plan tailors the Peoplebox offering to the specific needs of larger organizations. It encompasses all available features within Peoplebox, offering customized solutions to meet the unique requirements of enterprise-grade clients.

Let’s take a look at the features in the Full-suite plan of Peoplebox:

Full Suite Professional Plan – Features $12/user/month
OKR ReviewProject Management/td>
Performance + EngagementPerformance Reviews
Engagement SurveysKPIs Board
Price comparison

Peoplebox has a straightforward interface but lacks specific small OKR management features that make a big difference in productive OKR management.

High-performance teams need an intuitive plus efficient OKR management platform that allows teams to focus on strategy execution. Some software like JOP (Joy of Performing) have similar features.

Peoplebox JOP
Full Suite Professional PlanScale Up

Peoplebox Features

1. Goal-setting and alignment

Peoplebox excels in facilitating goal-setting and alignment within teams. Its OKR management system provides a structured approach for defining objectives and key results, enabling teams to align their efforts with broader organizational goals seamlessly.

Additionally, the KPIs board allows for a clear visualization of key performance indicators, aiding in monitoring progress and ensuring alignment throughout the team.

2. OKR tracking

The OKR Dashboard on provides a comprehensive view of the progress of objectives and key results. Users can easily track and monitor the status of their OKRs, offering a bird’s eye view of how various initiatives align with overarching objectives.

3. Collaboration and execution

Peoplebox prioritizes collaboration and execution through various tools. The 1:1 feature provides a dedicated space for managers and team members to hold discussions, set agendas, and track progress on goals and action items.

Action items help break down larger objectives into actionable steps, ensuring accountability and progress. Moreover, the platform allows for seamless feedback solicitation, enabling team members to request and provide feedback constructively fostering a culture of continuous improvement and collaboration.

4. OKR review

Peoplebox streamlines the OKR review process by offering dedicated spaces for business reviews and check-ins. Business reviews enable comprehensive assessments of overall progress, allowing for high-level discussions of objectives and key results.

Meanwhile, the check-in feature provides a more regular and focused approach. It facilitates frequent conversations between managers and team members to review OKRs, discuss challenges, and make necessary adjustments, ensuring alignment and adaptability.

5. Analytics and Reporting

The platform offers robust analytics and reporting functionalities. The Narratives feature allows users to contextualize data, adding qualitative insights to quantitative metrics and providing a holistic view of progress.

Additionally, the Analytics component provides detailed quantitative assessments, offering in-depth insights into key performance indicators, trends, and performance metrics.

These analytics and reporting tools give decision-makers actionable insights to drive informed strategies.

6. User experience

Peoplebox prioritizes user experience through seamless integrations. Integrations play a crucial role in enhancing the platform’s usability by allowing it to connect with other tools and platforms commonly used within organizations.

This integration capability ensures a smooth workflow and reduces the need for constant switching between different software, thus optimizing user experience and efficiency.

The platform’s user-centric design focuses on providing an intuitive interface, ensuring ease of navigation and adoption across diverse teams and skill levels.



While Peoplebox offers an intuitive platform for performance reviews and OKR management, it falls short of providing the depth of features needed to truly streamline these processes.

The absence of a mobile app and AI assistance hampers its accessibility and automation capabilities, causing it to lag behind competitors in the market.

Crucial functionalities such as adding comments on OKRs, among other meaningful features, are notably absent.

This limitation might hinder the software’s efficacy, especially for those seeking a comprehensive solution with more advanced tools for efficient OKR management and performance enhancement.

We hope this detailed breakdown of the Peoplebox platform helps you with your OKR software decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Peoplebox integrate with popular collaboration tools such as Slack and Microsoft Teams?

In Peoplebox you find integrations with Slack, Jira, Microsoft Teams, Notion and many more.

What kind of support and resources are available for training our team?

Peoplebox provides a help center and onboarding and implementation support in their plan.

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