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4.8 out of 5


4.8 out of 5


Huminos is a comprehensive OKR software designed to drive business and personnel performance to new heights.

At its core, it focuses on facilitating the creation, alignment, and tracking of Objectives and Key Results (OKRs), offering valuable insights through intuitive dashboards, task management, and regular check-ins.

Regardless of an organization’s scale, Huminos is designed to meet the needs of businesses of any size.

This detailed exploration examines Huminos’s multifaceted features, evaluates strengths and limitations, gathers insights from user reviews, and dissects pricing plans.

This comprehensive review aims to give top leaders, team managers, and decision-makers an in-depth understanding of Huminos’ capabilities.

Huminos Rating

Feature Huminos JOP
Meets requirementsNA9.4
Ease of UseNA9.6
Quality of SupportNA9.5
Product Direction4.810

Huminos Review

  • Huminos facilitates individual performance calibration, allowing users to fine-tune their OKRs and performance metrics. This feature provides a personalized approach, enabling employees to set and refine their goals according to their roles, skills, and contributions. Thus, employees feel a sense of ownership and alignment with organizational objectives.
  • The platform offers a structured space for self-reflection and leader-led evaluation of OKRs. This functionality allows individuals and team leaders to assess progress, analyze achievements, and reflect on areas for improvement. By enabling these reflective practices, Huminos encourages continuous improvement and strategic alignment, ensuring that OKRs stay relevant and impactful throughout the cycle.
  • Huminos integrates a social feed feature that promotes engagement and collaboration among team members. This social space allows for the seamless sharing of OKR updates, achievements, and milestones, fostering community and transparency within the organization. It encourages real-time interactions and feedback, enhancing communication across departments and teams.
  • Huminos differentiates itself in the market by offering a more cost-effective pricing structure than other solutions in the same category. This affordability allows businesses of various sizes to access robust OKR management features without compromising quality. It’s a valuable proposition for organizations seeking efficient performance management tools without excessive investment.
  • One notable drawback of Huminos is the scarcity of comprehensive user reviews on prominent platforms like G2 or similar review sites. This lack of extensive feedback might challenge potential users seeking detailed insights, experiences, and ratings from a broader user base, making evaluating the software’s performance and user satisfaction more challenging.
  • Huminos lacks OKR linking maps or similar visual aids that could provide a comprehensive overview of the interconnectedness between various objectives and key results. Such mapping tools would help people better understand the hierarchy, dependencies, and alignment of OKRs across teams and departments, enhancing clarity and coherence in organizational goals.
  • Another area where Huminos could improve is in offering AI-powered assistance for creating OKRs and suggesting action items. Integrating AI-driven functionalities could streamline the OKR creation process, offering intelligent recommendations and aiding users in formulating more effective and strategic objectives, thereby boosting productivity and goal-setting efficiency.
  • The absence of a dedicated mobile application limits accessibility and convenience for users who rely on mobile devices to manage their OKRs and stay updated on performance-related tasks. A mobile app would provide flexibility and ease of access, allowing users to track progress, receive notifications, and update OKRs while on the go. Its absence could hinder real-time collaboration and responsiveness among users.
Huminos Pricing

Huminos offers a singular pricing plan, making it simple for users to engage with their comprehensive OKR management suite.

The platform presents a 90-day free trial, enabling users to explore its features and understand its value proposition before committing.

After the trial period, Huminos operates on a pricing model of $5 per user per month. This cost-effective plan encompasses many robust OKR management features and includes additional coaching facilities, emphasizing software utilization and user support.

While the pricing structure appears transparent for individual users, Huminos might need to provide explicit information about enterprise-level pricing.

Therefore, organizations seeking enterprise solutions should contact Huminos directly to understand the tailored pricing and feature offerings better.

Let’s take a look at the features of the Huminos Plan:

Huminos Plan – Features $5/user/month
OKR ManagementPerformance Management
Align KPIs to OKRsReflections and calibration
OKR TemplatesFeedback and coaching
Price comparison

Huminos appears to be a comprehensive OKR management tool but lacks essential features like the mobile app, AI assistance, OKR alignment tree, and more.

Look at other OKR software available. You will find affordable alternatives like JOP (Joy of Performing) that contain all the missing features and more while having an easy-to-use platform.

Huminos JOP
Standard PlanScale Up

Huminos Features

1. Goal-setting and alignment

Huminos empowers users to create, align, and track OKRs across teams and individuals. With pre-built templates catering to various business functions, it streamlines the process of setting ambitious yet achievable objectives. Users can seamlessly align Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to OKRs, ensuring a cohesive approach towards goal achievement.

2. OKR tracking

The platform facilitates regular check-ins, enabling users to review progress and update OKRs regularly. Through its automated scoring system, Huminos simplifies the evaluation process, providing insights into the progress of OKRs and enabling users to gauge their achievements effectively.

3. Collaboration and execution

Through its Conversations feature, Huminos promotes collaboration, facilitating discussions and interactions around OKRs and fostering team engagement and alignment. The platform also emphasizes feedback and coaching, allowing for reciprocal feedback between managers and team members.

Moreover, it encourages a culture of feedback by enabling team members to request feedback from their peers, fostering an environment conducive to growth and improvement.

4. OKR review

Huminos emphasizes continuous improvement by integrating self-reflection into OKR scores. This introspective element enables users to assess their contributions and progress, fostering personal growth and goal refinement.

The platform also incorporates confidence levels, allowing individuals to assess their certainty in achieving their Key Results, thus providing a nuanced evaluation.

5. Analytics and Reporting

Huminos offers a bird’s-eye view of organizational progress through comprehensive dashboards and analytics. These visual representations assist in gauging the overall health and alignment of OKRs.

The platform provides downloadable reports, ensuring users can access detailed insights that can be shared across teams or used for strategic decision-making. The Weekly Activity Summary encapsulates the week’s achievements, enhancing transparency and accountability.

6. User experience

Huminos enhances user experience by integrating with auto Key Result tracking systems, streamlining data collection and progress monitoring. These integrations amplify the platform’s functionality, ensuring a seamless user experience while automating essential tracking processes.



Huminos presents a promising OKR management platform, offering robust features that enhance performance reviews and employee engagement.

However, while it showcases strengths in these areas, its functionality falls short of competing platforms due to certain essential omissions.

There are very few user reviews of Huminos. Moreover, the absence of key elements like AI assistance, visual OKR alignment maps, activity logs, and a dedicated mobile app presents limitations in fulfilling the diverse needs of modern organizations.

We hope this detailed evaluation of the Huminos OKR Software helped you understand this platform and made your decision process a bit easier

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Huminos integrate with popular collaboration tools such as Slack and Microsoft Teams?

Yes, Huminos can integrate with Slack, Microsoft Teams, G-suite, and many other tools.

Is Huminos's OKR software appropriate for both small and large businesses?

Yes, you can use Huminos for small, medium, and large businesses.

What kind of support and resources are available for training our team?

Huminos includes Help center, OKR learning videos, Slack community and OKR coaches for training your employees.

Which are the competitors to Huminos?
  • JOP (Joy of Performing)
  • Weekdone
  • Workboard
  • Profit
  • Quantive