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4.8 out of 5


4.8 out of 5


Fitbots is an impactful platform designed to help businesses execute their strategies successfully by effectively implementing objectives and key results (OKRs).

Fitbots is a robust solution that facilitates the management of OKRs and encompasses functionalities tailored for overseeing key performance indicators (KPIs) and enhancing employee performance.

This comprehensive analysis delves deep into Fitbots’s rich array of features. From its standout capabilities to areas that warrant consideration, we uncover the platform’s strengths and weaknesses, accompanied by insightful user reviews.

Additionally, we navigate the nuances of its pricing plans, providing a thorough understanding for decision-makers seeking a holistic tool to drive strategic alignment, performance enhancement, and goal achievement within their organizations.

Fitbots Rating

Feature Fitbots JOP
Meets requirements9.1

Ease of Use8.19.7
Quality of Support9.99.7
Product Direction109.8

Fitbots Review

  • Fitbots stands out by providing an alignment board feature visually representing cross-functional dependencies. This tool enables users to understand and visualize the interconnections between various objectives and key results across teams or departments. It enhances transparency, aids in identifying dependencies, and fosters cohesive alignment toward overarching organizational goals.
  • Fitbots leverages AI capabilities to assist users in creating objectives and key results. This feature streamlines defining goals by offering AI-powered recommendations or suggestions.
  • Fitbots emphasizes consistent progress tracking and engagement through weekly progress reviews embedded within the check-ins. This regular cadence of review sessions allows for continuous evaluation of OKRs, fostering open discussions, addressing challenges, and ensuring alignment. It promotes a proactive approach to goal management, allowing for timely adjustments and improved performance tracking.
  • While Fitbots provides a central dashboard, some users may find it lacks comprehensive information. Enhancements could offer a more robust overview, incorporating additional insights or customizable widgets to provide a deeper understanding of overall progress and performance at a glance.
  • Fitbots might benefit from additional customization options for managing Key Results. This could involve functionalities allowing users to change the order of KRs or tailor their display, enabling a more personalized and adaptable view to suit specific preferences or workflow requirements.
  • Fitbots falls short in terms of integrations with other commonly used applications. This absence might inconvenience users who rely on various tools within their workflows, hindering seamless data exchange or collaboration between Fitbots and their preferred apps or platforms.
  • The platform does not support quick employee surveys, which could limit organizations’ ability to swiftly gather real-time feedback or insights from their teams. This absence might hinder the agility in collecting immediate input, which is valuable for making informed decisions or addressing employee concerns promptly.
  • Fitbots currently lacks a dedicated mobile app. This absence might inconvenience users who prefer or require access to the platform on their mobile devices for on-the-go goal management or performance tracking. The lack of a mobile app might also limit the platform’s accessibility and usability for users outside of desktop usage scenarios.
Fitbots Pricing

Fitbots OKRs has 3 pricing editions.

Surge Plan ($7 per user per month): Designed for small organizations embarking on their OKR journey, it offers a foundational tier. This plan caters to the specific needs of smaller teams seeking a comprehensive yet affordable solution for setting and managing OKRs.

Scale Plan ($10 per user per month): This plan is tailored for high-growth companies aiming to expand strategy execution across various levels. It caters to the requirements of organizations experiencing rapid growth, offering enhanced features and scalability to align OKRs effectively across different teams or departments.

Rise Plan ($12 per user per month): Geared towards mid-large enterprises seeking a mature and robust solution. This plan is designed to meet the needs of organizations looking for advanced functionalities and priority support. It encompasses a comprehensive suite of features to elevate strategy execution, offering tools to support the alignment and management of complex OKR frameworks within larger enterprises.

Let’s take a look at the features in the Scale Plan of Fitbots:

Scale Plan $10/user/month
OKRs ManagementAlignment Boards
OKR AI Assistant and templatesConversations and Appreciation
25 KPI BoardsCheck-ins
Price comparison

The functionalities the Fitbots offer in their pricing plans seem to lack features supporting efficient OKR management, such as employee surveys and continuous two-way feedback.

More than that, these features can be found in more affordable OKR software like the JOP (Joy of Performing).

Fitbots JOP
Scale PlanScale Up

Fitbots Features

1. Goal-setting and alignment

Fitbots facilitates goal-setting and alignment through alignment boards, which provide interdepartmental or cross-functional dependencies. These boards aid in aligning objectives across teams, fostering a cohesive approach toward achieving overall organizational goals.

The Clone OKRs feature allows for the swift duplication of existing objectives and key results. This functionality streamlines setting similar goals, ensuring consistency and efficiency in goal-setting practices.

Fitbots leverages AI-powered assistance for OKR creation through templates. This AI-driven feature offers guided suggestions and templates to aid users in formulating SMART objectives and relevant key results.

In addition to OKRs, Fitbots offers robust KPIs tracking capabilities. Users can set, monitor, and track key performance indicators alongside their OKRs, providing a holistic view of organizational performance.

2. OKR tracking

Fitbots integrates with Jira, a popular project management tool, enabling seamless data synchronization and workflow coordination. This integration allows for aligning OKRs with ongoing projects and tasks managed within the Jira ecosystem.

3. Collaboration and execution

Fitbots fosters collaboration through its Conversations feature, enabling team discussions, feedback exchange, and appreciation within the platform. This functionality promotes a culture of open communication and recognition.

The Initiatives feature within Fitbots facilitates breaking larger objectives into actionable steps or initiatives. This aids in executing strategic goals by providing a structured approach to achieving key results.

Fitbots incorporates Appreciation Badges to recognize and appreciate team members’ contributions or achievements. This feature adds a gamified element, boosting morale and encouraging positive organizational reinforcement.

4. OKR review

Fitbots emphasizes regular check-ins as a pivotal component of its OKR review process. These regular sessions facilitate ongoing discussions between managers and team members, providing an avenue to review progress, address challenges, and align efforts. Regular check-ins ensure continuous feedback and adjustment to keep goals on track.

5. Analytics and Reporting

Fitbots offers Individual OKR Reports, enabling users to generate personalized reports highlighting individual performance against set objectives and key results. These reports provide detailed insights into progress, achievements, and areas for improvement, empowering individuals to track their contributions and alignment with organizational goals.

6. User Experience

Fitbots enhances user experience by providing a built-in academy or learning center within the platform. This feature offers resources, tutorials, and learning materials to guide users in understanding OKR methodologies, platform functionalities, and best practices. The academy ensures users have access to comprehensive learning resources for maximizing their utilization of Fitbots.

Fitbots keeps users informed and engaged through its notification system. Users receive timely notifications regarding updates, check-ins, goal progress, or other relevant platform activities. These notifications ensure that users stay updated on critical information, fostering a more engaged and responsive user experience.



While Fitbots emerges as a user-friendly platform with numerous functionalities to effectively manage OKRs and KPIs, it falls short of establishing itself as a mature and comprehensive OKR management tool.

Despite its array of features, the platform lacks certain specific functionalities that are essential for an evolved OKR management experience.

The absence of features like pulse surveys and OKR activity logs detracts from its efficiency and completeness in handling OKRs.

Other OKR software options offer these pivotal features, essential for streamlined OKR management, at more budget-friendly rates.

Fitbots’ current standing, while user-friendly and robust in certain aspects, necessitates including these crucial functionalities to truly compete as a top-tier solution in the OKR management landscape.

We hope this detailed Fitbots analysis helps you select the right OKR management tool for your teams.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Fitbots integrate with popular collaboration tools such as Slack and Microsoft Teams?

Yes, Fitbots can integrate with Slack, Jira, Microsoft Teams, and many other tools.

Is Fitbots's OKR software appropriate for both small and large businesses?

Fitbots’s OKR software is appropriate for all types of businesses.

What kind of support and resources are available for training our team?

Fitbots offers a knowledge base, an email OKR course, and an OKR Academy to help you train your team

Which are the competitors to Fitbots?
  • JOP (Joy of Performing)
  • Huminos
  • xto10x
  • Peoplebox