Unit 1. Basics of OKRs

  • Lesson 1.1: Understanding the main ideas
  • Lesson 1.2: What’s the difference between OKRs and traditional goal setting?
  • Lesson 1.3: The benefits of OKRs
  • Lesson 1.4: How to best implement OKRs

How will you benefit from this course?

  • Have a clear understanding of OKR core components and how they work.

  • Learn proven tips for crafting clear, concise, and measurable OKRs
    that drive results.

  • avoiding common pitfalls.

  • Explore the benefits of OKRs compared to traditional goal-setting
  • See successful companies that leverage OKRs to achieve their
    strategic objectives.

Additional resources

Want to get the team’s buy-in, train them, and successfully roll out
OKRs? Consider taking guidance from our OKR Experts.

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Structuring your company and team OKRS

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