Delivering Feedback in a Nuanced Way- 6 Real-Life Examples

JOP - Delivering Feedback

    Employees want feedback, negative or positive. It’s like yarning the structure within the structure. When employees receive feedback, they tend to perform better than before, expecting the feedback again for performing better than before: keeping the performance feedback in mind. However, the feedback given in a non-constructive manner can be hard to handle for employees. Managers often tend to turn the feedback sessions into uncomfortable conversations- are poorly delivered and unhelpful.

    Cut to organizational culture, employees want any feedback over no feedback – even if it’s negative, says Gallup. Feedback, apart from telling us where we are going wrong, gives us direction to enhance our best qualities. It tells us to keep going as we are – and perhaps more so.

    If given well, Feedback can prove to be a key driver of increasing performance, especially in the hybrid working model. Where employees are still struggling to settle down in the digitized world of work, constructive feedback can skyrocket the feedback.

    Other than that, it’s so important to have the right delivery of feedback because,

    • It Fuels Growth by providing the opportunity to improve their working style.
    • Improves Workplace Culture by fostering peer-to-peer Relationships
    • Keeps everyone Aligned and informed of what is happening in the organization
    • Gives a sense of Purpose and realization of the employees that their work is being valued
    • Improves Employee Engagement by giving them a sense of belongingness.