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January 19, 2024

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Companies often stumble during onboarding due to unclear role expectations, information overload, lack of social integration, and training inefficiencies, leading to low engagement and productivity while also risking high turnover costs.


But did you know that you can transform your onboarding experience with OKRs? OKR sets clear goals, tracks progress, and aligns individual efforts with company direction, empowering smooth integration and impactful contributions for new hires.


In this comprehensive OKR templates document, we have crafted a solution-oriented approach to address the challenges that hinder a smooth onboarding process.


Dive into this document, and you will discover many resources designed to make your onboarding journey more than a process.

15 free OKR templates to enhance the employee onboarding experience


These OKR templates are designed to address the challenges, priorities, and goals of employee onboarding. 

The measurable aspects are indicated with an ‘X.’ Use these OKRs as a starting point to create customized OKRs for your team.


1. Objective: Improve clarity of roles and responsibilities

Owned by HR Manager, Training and Development Specialist, Team Lead

Due date: 3 months

KR1: Create and distribute role-specific onboarding manuals for all departments

KR2: Conduct role-specific training sessions with an X% attendance rate

KR3: Ensure that X% of new hires can articulate their primary responsibilities by the end of the first week

2. Objective: Foster inclusion and diversity in onboarding

Owned by HR Department, Onboarding Program Manager, Employee Engagement Coordinator

Due date: 3 months

  • KR1: Incorporate diversity and inclusion training in the onboarding curriculum
  • KR2: Ensure representation from at least three different departments in onboarding orientation sessions
  • KR3: Establish a feedback mechanism to assess the inclusivity of the onboarding experience
3. Objective: Enhance team collaboration for new hires

Owned by HR Specialist, Onboarding Coordinator, Senior Team Lead

Due date: 3 months

  • KR1: Facilitate at least two team-building activities during the first month
  • KR2: Increase the number of new hires attending cross-functional meetings by X%
  • KR3: Establish mentorship for X% of new employees to encourage knowledge-sharing
4. Objective: Improve manager involvement in onboarding

Owned by HR Training and Development Team, Onboarding Program Manager, Employee Experience Specialist

Due date: 3 months

  • KR1: Implement a manager training program focused on effective onboarding
  • KR2: Increase manager participation in onboarding check-ins by X%
  • KR3: Include manager feedback as a component of the overall onboarding evaluation process

5. Objective: Improve onboarding resource accessibility

Owned by IT and Web Development Team Lead, Onboarding Program Manager, Employee Experience Specialist

Due date: 3 months

  • KR1: Develop an online onboarding portal to access resources and information easily
  • KR2: Achieve an X% completion rate of the onboarding checklist by new hires
  • KR3: Implement a knowledge base with FAQs to address common queries, maintaining an X% user satisfaction rate
6. Objective: Enhance technology onboarding

Owned by Technical Training Manager, Software Proficiency Lead, Mentorship Program Coordinator

Due date: 3 months

  • KR1: Ensure X% of new hires complete technical training modules within the first two weeks
  • KR2: Decrease the time required for new employees to gain proficiency in essential software by X%
  • KR3: Establish a mentorship program pairing tech-savvy employees with new hires, aiming for an X% participation rate
7. Objective: Streamline new employee integration

Owned by Onboarding Manager, Employee Experience Specialist, Learning and Development Coordinator

Due date: 3 months

  • KR1: Decrease time to full productivity by X% within the first month
  • KR2: Achieve an X% satisfaction rate in the new employee feedback survey
  • KR3: Ensure X% completion of mandatory onboarding modules within the first week

8. Objective: Boost employee engagement during onboarding

Owned by HR Specialist, Onboarding Coordinator, Customer Support Manager

Due date: 3 months

  • KR1: Implement a welcome buddy system for X% of new hires
  • KR2: Host a welcome lunch for each new employee within the first two weeks
  • KR3: Maintain an open communication channel, with response times to new hire queries averaging less than 24 hours

9. Objective: Accelerate understanding of company culture

Owned by Employee Onboarding Manager, Employee Engagement Coordinator, Employee Experience Specialist

Due date: 3 months

  • KR1: Conduct cultural orientation sessions for X% of new hires
  • KR2: Encourage participation in company events, aiming for an X% attendance rate
  • KR3: Measure cultural assimilation through a quarterly survey, aiming for an X% positive response rate
10. Objective: Strengthen onboarding feedback loop

Owned by Onboarding Experience Manager, Data Analyst, Employee Experience Specialist

Due date: 3 months

  • KR1: Implement a real-time feedback system for new hires, achieving an X% participation rate
  • KR2: Analyze feedback data quarterly and adjust the onboarding process as needed
  • KR3: Attain a minimum X% satisfaction rating in onboarding feedback surveys
11. Objective: Establish long-term employee development goals

Owned by Employee Onboarding Specialist, Learning and Development Coordinator, HR Analytics Specialist

Due date: 3 months

  • KR1: Initiate discussions on career development plans with X% of new employees within the first three months
  • KR2: Provide training opportunities for skill enhancement, aiming for an average of two per employee in the first year
  • KR3: Measure employee advancement within the company, targeting an X% increase in internal promotions for those who completed onboarding

12. Objective: Reduce first-year attrition rates

Owned by HR Manager, Employee Onboarding Team Lead, Director of Employee Experience

Due date: 3 months

  • KR1: Conduct exit interviews for employees leaving within the first year to identify improvement areas
  • KR2: Implement at least two initiatives addressing common reasons for first-year attrition
  • KR3: Decrease first-year attrition by X% compared to the previous year

13. Objective: Measure onboarding success metrics

Owned by HR Analytics Team Lead, Onboarding Operations Specialist, Employee Experience Manager

Due date: 3 months

  • KR1: Establish key performance indicators (KPIs) for onboarding success
  • KR2: Track and report onboarding metrics monthly, aiming for an X% data accuracy rate
  • KR3: Conduct a quarterly review of onboarding processes and adjust strategies based on feedback and performance
14. Objective: Accelerate social integration

Owned by HR Coordinator, Social Media Manager, Employee Onboarding Specialist

Due date: 3 months

  • KR1: Organize at least one monthly social event for new hires to interact with existing employees
  • KR2: Encourage participation in company-wide social platforms, targeting an X% engagement rate
  • KR3: Facilitate cross-departmental networking opportunities, ensuring X% attendance from new hires

15. Objective: Ensure compliance with onboarding regulations

Owned by Content Specialist, Training Coordinator, Compliance Officer

Due date: 3 months

  • KR1: Regularly update onboarding materials to align with changing legal requirements
  • KR2: Achieve X% completion of legal compliance training for all new hires
  • KR3: Conduct internal audits to ensure onboarding processes comply with industry regulations

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