vs. xto10x: OKR Software Comparison 2024

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With many options for OKR software, finding the right platform can be challenging. This is compounded by the scarcity of up-to-date comparison articles, leaving team managers and decision-makers confused.

First, congratulations on taking a significant step in your growth journey by embracing OKRs. When applied effectively, OKRs can be transformative, breathing new life into your business strategies and performance.

But here’s the crucial factor: to make your OKRs work, you need more than just a platform. You require a solution that is not only productive but also backed by comprehensive first-time guidance.

Successful execution of OKRs often hinges on these elements – a dynamic and user-friendly platform, expert guidance in adopting the methodology, and responsive, ongoing user support that ensures a seamless experience.

These paragraphs provide an in-depth comparison of two OKR software programs: and xto10x (also called PeopleCues).

We aim to illuminate the positive and negative aspects of these platforms, dissect their features, and scrutinize the quality of their support and overall user experience.


Compare the pricing plans of and xto10x (PeopleCues).

Xto10x presents three separate pricing options based on the users’ requirements.

In addition to these plans, xto10x provides specialized ‘Scaling Services’ to help organizations effectively implement and scale their OKR programs. provides three different packages catering to organizations of different sizes.


Growth Plan

Custom enterprise pricing is available



All-in-one Plan

Custom enterprise pricing is available



Scale-Up Plan

Users: 11-500
Custom enterprise pricing is available


User experience at a glance

Compare and xto10x (PeopleCues) based on user experience and available support. earns high ratings for its user-friendliness. Users found it easier to use, set up, and administer. Reviewers, in particular, appreciated the seamless and efficient experience it provided. is well-aligned with the needs of businesses, according to user feedback.

In ongoing product support, retakes the lead. Reviewers consistently reported positive experiences with the support it offered.

Regarding feature updates and the direction these platforms are heading, receives a vote of confidence from our reviewers.

In summary, is the preferred choice in this concise comparison.




Meets requirements9.28.49.4
Ease of use8.78.49.6
Quality of support9.79.19.7
G2 Reviews4.74.64.8

Features comparison table: vs. xto10x

Here, we compare all the necessary features of and xto10x (PeopleCues) side by side.

Feature icon


Ease of use

Simplicity, learning curve, and the clarity of instructions

Confidence level/rating

How confident the user is to achieve a goal

Mind Mapping

OKR linking maps for better understanding and team alignment


Allows users to comment on OKRs and tag others

Action items

Execution statements that specify actions

Instant Notifications

Real-time alerts related to OKR activity

Attach documents

Upload relevant documents to the OKRs

Track KPIs

Ability to set and manage KPIs

Analytics and Reports

OKR progress data analysis and reports dashboards

Download OKR Reports

Export the OKR progress report in common format

Integrations with common tools

OKR platform connects seamlessly with other commonly used platforms like Spreadsheets

Ongoing one-way feedback

Customized feedback to a team member in real time

Recognition feedback and rewards

Personalized feedback and rewards for milestones and achievements

Continuous two-way feedback

Ongoing two-way feedback between employees

OKR Activity

View the past activities on OKRs

OKR Grading/Rating

Rating OKRs at the end of the cycle based on performance


Create OKRs and action-items suggestions with the AI


Employee pulse and other customizable surveys

Copy OKRs

Copy OKRs across cycles, teams, and anywhere else

Mobile App

The OKR platform is available as a phone application


User reviews on and xto10x

Explore the detailed pros and cons of the and xto10x (PeopleCues) OKR software.

  • impresses with its ability to generate PowerPoint OKR reports quickly. The ease and speed of developing these reports simplify the process of communicating OKR progress, facilitating better collaboration and alignment within the organization.
  • offers a feature-rich free trial version (Growth Plan). This allows users to get a comprehensive feel for the software’s capabilities and determine whether it aligns with their organization’s OKR needs without the immediate commitment of a paid plan.
  • The flexibility to turn off certain functions empowers users to tailor the software to their needs and preferences. By deactivating functions that are not immediately relevant, users can create a more streamlined and user-friendly experience.
  • has a steep learning curve due to its extensive array of features and functionalities. Users may find it takes time and effort to become proficient with the software.
  • does not provide the capability to generate dashboard reports at the user level. The absence of user-specific dashboard reports makes it more challenging for users to gain insights into their progress and assess their contributions to the team’s OKRs.
  • Another limitation of is the absence of a user check-in history feature. This means that users do not have easy access to a chronological record of their past check-ins and related interactions within the platform.


  • Users can bulk upload OKRs in xto10x. This feature simplifies the initial setup and ongoing management of your OKRs. Whether you’re onboarding a large team or simply streamlining your OKR process, the capability to upload OKRs in bulk offers significant time savings.
  • It ensures that your OKR process stays on track with regular check-in reminders. The consistent follow-ups enable you to maintain a real-time view of progress and facilitate timely adjustments, ensuring your goals are achieved effectively and efficiently.
  • Including a robust survey module allows you to collect valuable feedback and insights from your team members. This data can be used to gauge employee satisfaction, identify challenges, and make data-driven decisions.
  • While xto10x offers a range of useful features, exporting OKRs can be challenging. Users may find the export process less intuitive than desired. This leads to difficulties in efficiently extracting data for reporting or record-keeping purposes.
  • One notable drawback is the absence of support for PDF report downloads. Having the option to generate PDF reports can enhance the software’s versatility and compatibility.
  • xto10x lacks a dedicated mobile app version. In today’s mobile-driven work environment, not having a mobile app can limit the flexibility and accessibility of the software.


Which OKR software is better for your business, or xto10x (PeopleCues)?

Both and xto10x offer unique user experiences and support systems. takes the edge here in providing a more comprehensive and user-friendly interface.

While xto10x is a strong OKR platform, it lacks some core OKR management features that are increasingly relevant today. Notable omissions include confidence rating, a mobile application, and file attachment capabilities.

On the other hand, emerges as a more mature OKR management software with features designed to enhance the user experience.

Ultimately, choosing OKR software depends on your unique needs, objectives, and preferences. Whether you prioritize a user-friendly interface, comprehensive features, or specific functionalities, we hope this comparison aids you in making an informed decision.