Peoplebox vs. Weekdone: OKR Software Comparison 2024

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Making informed decisions is crucial in today’s ever-evolving business landscape. The choice of OKR software is no exception.

The plethora of similar options can often leave decision-makers, team managers, and top leaders at a crossroads, wondering which OKR software will truly empower their teams to succeed.

Adopting the OKR framework is a significant step toward success, but it’s about more than just setting goals; it’s a transformational journey. For that, you need an efficient platform with similar ongoing support.

In this article, we aim to simplify your decision-making process by providing an in-depth comparison of two prominent OKR management software: Peoplebox and Quantive.

We’ve conducted thorough research, so you don’t have to. We’ll delve into their pros and cons, scrutinize user experiences, evaluate the support they offer, and lay out their pricing plans for your consideration.


Compare the pricing plans of Peoplebox and Weekdone.

Peoplebox offers various pricing options to cater to multiple organizational needs. Users can choose from five distinct plans, each tailored to specific requirements:

In contrast, Weekdone offers a single customizable plan. This plan provides core OKR management features, essential integrations, and access to OKR coaching and support.



Custom enterprise pricing is available




Weekdone Plan

Custom enterprise pricing is available



Scale-Up Plan

Users: 11-500
Custom enterprise pricing is available


User experience at a glance

Compare Peoplebox and Weekdone based on user experience and available support.

Users found Peoplebox easier to use, set up, and administer. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive design made for a more seamless business experience. Setting up the platform and getting teams on board proved less challenging.

Furthermore, reviewers preferred Peoplebox for the business overall. The streamlined user experience and robust features made it the preferred choice for many.

Users have voiced that Peoplebox meets their business needs more than Weekdone. It seems to align more effectively with their specific requirements, an essential aspect when selecting software for goal-setting and performance management.

The quality of ongoing product support is a significant consideration, and users prefer Peoplebox. Responsive and practical support can be a game-changer in ensuring a smooth experience with the software.

For feature updates and roadmaps, our reviewers favored the direction of Peoplebox. The proactive approach to enhancing the platform’s features and roadmap left a positive impression and added to the appeal of Peoplebox.




Meets requirements8.68.59.4
Ease of use8.88.19.6
Quality of support8.88.59.7
G2 Reviews4.54.14.8

Features comparison table: Peoplebox vs. Weekdone

Here, we compare all the necessary features of Peoplebox and Weekdone side by side.

Feature icon


Ease of use

Simplicity, learning curve, and the clarity of instructions

Confidence level/rating

How confident the user is to achieve a goal

Mind Mapping

OKR linking maps for better understanding and team alignment


Allows users to comment on OKRs and tag others

Action items

Execution statements that specify actions

Instant Notifications

Real-time alerts related to OKR activity

Attach documents

Upload relevant documents to the OKRs

Track KPIs

Ability to set and manage KPIs

Analytics and Reports

OKR progress data analysis and reports dashboards

Download OKR Reports

Export the OKR progress report in common format

Integrations with common tools

OKR platform connects seamlessly with other commonly used platforms like Spreadsheets

Ongoing one-way feedback

Customized feedback to a team member in real time

Recognition feedback and rewards

Personalized feedback and rewards for milestones and achievements

Continuous two-way feedback

Ongoing two-way feedback between employees

OKR Activity

View the past activities on OKRs

OKR Grading/Rating

Rating OKRs at the end of the cycle based on performance


Create OKRs and action-items suggestions with the AI


Employee pulse and other customizable surveys

Copy OKRs

Copy OKRs across cycles, teams, and anywhere else

Mobile App

The OKR platform is available as a phone application


User reviews on Peoplebox and Weekdone

Explore the detailed pros and cons of the Peoplebox and Weekdone OKR software.


  • Peoplebox has a dedicated section for conducting one-on-one meetings. This feature streamlines and organizes the process of scheduling, working, and documenting one-on-one interactions between employees and their managers.
  • Peoplebox offers a valuable feature that allows employees to request peer feedback from their managers. Employees can actively seek input from their colleagues and supervisors, creating a feedback-rich environment that contributes to personal and professional growth.
  • Peoplebox’s integration capabilities are a notable advantage. The software easily integrates with popular platforms like Google Sheets and Slack. This compatibility allows for a seamless flow of data and communication within the tools your team is already using.
  • Peoplebox distinguishes itself with a straightforward user interface that prioritizes ease of use. The software’s design minimizes complexity, making it accessible and efficient for users of varying tech-savviness.
  • One limitation of Peoplebox is the absence of color coding to indicate the instant status of key results (KRs). Without this, users might find it challenging to obtain a rapid, at-a-glance understanding of where each KR stands.
  • Peoplebox does not include an anonymous survey feature. Anonymous surveys can promote honest and open responses, enabling organizations to address concerns and improve their work culture effectively.
  • In-app notifications are an integral part of keeping users informed and engaged. However, Peoplebox lacks this feature, potentially resulting in users missing essential updates, alerts, or reminders directly within the application.
  • Some users may find that Peoplebox needs further optimization in core features. For instance, it may lack the option to view OKR progress quarter by quarter. The ability to track and assess OKRs over specific timeframes is crucial for effective goal management.
  • Peoplebox does not have a mobile app. The lack of a mobile app can limit the flexibility and convenience of using Peoplebox outside the desktop environment.


  • Weekdone records and displays employee satisfaction levels using various criteria such as happiness, team spirit, energy, and work-life balance. This feature provides valuable insights into employee well-being and engagement, enabling organizations to make data-driven decisions to improve the work environment.
  • The ‘News Feed’ feature in Weekdone is a valuable platform for sharing new ideas and lessons learned. Users can post updates, insights, and innovations, creating a dynamic space for communication and idea exchange within the organization.
  • Weekdone offers a dedicated notes section where users can record and store essential items for future reference. This feature facilitates organized and efficient note-taking, allowing users to capture essential information, ideas, and observations.
  • Weekdone provides employees with a regular survey bar, allowing them to mark their satisfaction levels confidentially. This anonymous feedback mechanism empowers employees to express their opinions openly without the fear of identification.
  • Weekdone allows users to set up automated weekly status reports and scheduled reports. This automation simplifies tracking and reporting on key performance indicators (KPIs) and objectives.
  • One notable drawback of Weekdone is the absence of ready-to-use OKR templates. The lack of templates can be a hindrance, particularly for those who prefer predefined frameworks to kickstart their goal-setting process.
  • Weekdone lacks a feature for users to request feedback from other team members. This omission can hinder the feedback and collaboration process, as users may need to rely on external communication tools to seek input and suggestions from their colleagues.
  • The project setup process in Weekdone can be time-consuming for larger teams. Users may also find it challenging to configure the platform to accommodate their organization’s specific requirements, especially when dealing with a sizable workforce.
  • One limitation of Weekdone is that non-leadership personnel have limited visibility into peers’ OKRs. This can result in a lack of transparency and understanding among team members regarding each other’s goals and progress.
  • Weekdone publicly displays users’ weekly satisfaction ratings. Some users may feel uncomfortable with this level of transparency, especially regarding sensitive feedback related to their job satisfaction. Providing an option for users to choose the visibility of their ratings might be beneficial.
  • Users considering upgrading to advanced features in Weekdone may encounter higher costs. The upgrade plans come with associated expenses that organizations need to budget for.


Which OKR software is better for your business, Peoplebox or Weekdone?

To conclude our comparison of Peoplebox and Weekdone, it’s clear that these two OKR software solutions offer distinct advantages and have unique strengths and areas for improvement.

Ease of use is a significant differentiator between Peoplebox and Weekdone. Peoplebox takes the lead in this aspect, providing an intuitive and user-friendly platform.

However, when we delve deeper into core OKR management features, the comparison shifts. Weekdone emerges as the platform with a more comprehensive set of tools.

Weekdone’s feature list includes essential components like in-app notifications, reports, analytics, and other core functionalities that provide a solid foundation for effective OKR management.

While both solutions cover the fundamental aspects of OKR management, they may not fully align with the modern expectations for OKR software.

Peoplebox lacks features, such as a mobile app, in-app notifications, and advanced reporting capabilities, which are increasingly important in today’s fast-paced business landscape.

On the other hand, Weekdone misses certain modern features like AI assistance, anonymous surveys, and advanced feedback request mechanisms.

In conclusion, the choice between Peoplebox and Weekdone will depend on your organizational needs and priorities. We hope this detailed comparison has provided valuable insights to help you decide when selecting the right OKR software for your organization.