Betterworks vs. Viva Goals: OKR Software Comparison 2024

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Selecting the ideal OKR software tailored to your organization’s needs is time-consuming. It necessitates a comprehensive evaluation considering aspects like quality support, implementation assistance, and change management within the OKR framework.

This comparison delves into two prominent OKR solutions: Betterworks and Microsoft Viva Goals ( Notably, is now part of Microsoft Viva Goals.

This article aims to provide an in-depth analysis of their respective merits and drawbacks. We’ll explore user-based insights and pricing structures and thoroughly compare features.

They facilitate an informed decision-making process for top leaders, team managers, and decision-makers seeking the most suitable OKR software for their organizations.


Compare the pricing plans of Betterworks and Viva Goals (

Betterworks offers two distinct pricing plans tailored to varying organizational scales and needs.

Microsoft Viva Goals introduces two primary pricing plans for its users.


Betterworks Plan

Custom enterprise pricing is available

Not available



Microsoft Viva Suite

Custom enterprise pricing is available


Viva Goals (

Scale-Up Plan

Users: 11-500
Custom enterprise pricing is available


User experience at a glance

Reviewers highlighted that Viva Goals resonated better with the specific business requirements than Betterworks. Viva Goals seemed to align more seamlessly with their organizational objectives and strategies.

When assessing ongoing support, Betterworks emerged as the preferred choice among reviewers. Betterworks’ support structure appeared more comprehensive and efficient, offering robust assistance to users in navigating challenges and optimizing their OKR journey.

Viva Goals garnered favor among our reviewers regarding feature updates and product direction. The direction of Viva Goals (, now an integral part of Microsoft Viva, seemed more aligned with future industry trends, providing an outlook that resonated positively with the reviewers’ preferences and anticipated needs.




Meets requirements8.69.19.4
Ease of use8.58.69.6
Quality of support9.08.39.7
G2 Reviews4.34.34.8

Features comparison table: Betterworks vs. Viva Goals (

Here, we compare all the necessary features of Betterworks and Viva Goals ( side by side.

Feature icon


Ease of use

Simplicity, learning curve, and the clarity of instructions

Confidence level/rating

How confident the user is to achieve a goal

Mind Mapping

OKR linking maps for better understanding and team alignment


Allows users to comment on OKRs and tag others

Action items

Execution statements that specify actions

Instant Notifications

Real-time alerts related to OKR activity

Attach documents

Upload relevant documents to the OKRs

Track KPIs

Ability to set and manage KPIs

Analytics and Reports

OKR progress data analysis and reports dashboards

Download OKR Reports

Export the OKR progress report in common format

Integrations with common tools

OKR platform connects seamlessly with other commonly used platforms like Spreadsheets

Ongoing one-way feedback

Customized feedback to a team member in real time

Recognition feedback and rewards

Personalized feedback and rewards for milestones and achievements

Continuous two-way feedback

Ongoing two-way feedback between employees

OKR Activity

View the past activities on OKRs

OKR Grading/Rating

Rating OKRs at the end of the cycle based on performance


Create OKRs and action-items suggestions with the AI


Employee pulse and other customizable surveys

Copy OKRs

Copy OKRs across cycles, teams, and anywhere else

Mobile App

The OKR platform is available as a phone application


User reviews on Betterworks and Viva Goals (

Explore the detailed pros and cons of the Betterworks and Viva Goals ( OKR software.


  • Betterworks facilitates an empowering culture by enabling two-way feedback mechanisms. This feature fosters an environment where team members feel supported and empowered to provide constructive feedback, enhancing collaboration and growth.
  • Users appreciate the flexibility of including multiple milestones within primary goals. This feature streamlines goal setting, allowing for a more granular breakdown of larger objectives enhancing clarity and achievable outcomes.
  • It offers users the convenience of accessing e-learning content at their preferred time. This flexibility allows individuals to engage with learning materials when it best suits their schedules, promoting continual skill development and knowledge enhancement.
  • It simplifies data interpretation and analysis by enabling users to switch seamlessly between line items, charts, and dashboard views with a single click. This intuitive navigation enhances user experience, allowing swift and efficient data exploration and analysis.
  • Users have expressed a need for reminders to review goals as the end date approaches. This feature would aid in maintaining goal visibility and prompting timely assessments, ensuring objectives stay aligned with evolving organizational priorities.
  • Some users find switching between individual and team goals confusing within Betterworks. Improved filtering mechanisms or clearer distinctions between individual and team objectives would enhance user experience and navigation.
  • Betterworks lacks the OKR grading feature, typically conducted at the end of an OKR cycle. This absence might limit the platform’s ability to comprehensively assess and grade the achieved outcomes, impacting the evaluation and learning from goal accomplishments.
  • Betterworks does not offer built-in AI assistance, unlike some competitors who are creating or managing OKRs. Incorporating AI capabilities could streamline OKR processes, aiding in goal crafting, analysis, and overall efficiency.

Viva Goals (

  • Viva Goals seamlessly integrates with various Microsoft tools, such as Microsoft Office and Teams. This compatibility allows for smooth connectivity and collaboration within the Microsoft ecosystem, enhancing accessibility and convenience.
  • It employs color coding to show progress on Key Results, providing visual indicators such as labels like “Behind” and “At Risk.” This visual representation aids in quickly comprehending progress status, enabling users to promptly identify critical areas needing attention.
  • The platform offers a progress graph for each Key Result, enabling users to visualize the trajectory of their goals. This graphical representation helps track and analyze performance trends, facilitating better decision-making and course correction.
  • Viva Goals provides timely reminders and notifications related to OKR activity. These alerts prompt upcoming goal-related tasks or updates, ensuring users remain informed and engaged with their objectives.
  • Viva Goals lacks robust two-way feedback mechanisms. The platform may fail to facilitate comprehensive and dynamic communication channels for feedback exchange between teams or employees, hindering the collaborative feedback process.
  • The software might offer excessive functionalities and elements, potentially overwhelming users. The interface might also become cluttered or complex, leading to difficulties navigating and efficiently utilizing all the available features.
  • Viva Goals’ reporting feature may not be optimized for easy sharing and intuitive progress comprehension. This limitation might hinder the swift dissemination of information or impede a quick grasp of the overall progress, affecting effective decision-making and collaboration.


Which OKR software is better for your business, Betterworks or Viva Goals (

Betterworks stands out in terms of the quality of support provided to users. It encompasses a richer spectrum of features, including surveys, continuous two-way feedback, confidence level ratings, and a mobile app.

Conversely, while Viva Goals delivers fundamental OKR management features and benefits from Microsoft’s backing, it still lacks some depth and breadth in Betterworks’ feature set.

Both platforms fail to provide AI assistance, a highly sought-after feature in contemporary software. Betterworks, despite its robust features, offers a more thoughtful array of OKR management tools.

Meanwhile, Viva Goals, backed by the reliability of the Microsoft brand, demonstrates potential but appears to require further maturity to match the comprehensive feature set offered by its competitor.

In summary, the choice between these two hinges on specific organizational needs. We hope this detailed comparison helps in identifying the most suitable OKR software for your organizational requirements.