How JOP helped 3t Transform to increase its NPS from 5 to 25 in just two quarters

14 June 2022

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increase in performance completion rate on end of year reviews

increase in survey participation


Based in the UK, 3t Transform provides learning technologies enabling their clients to build a safer, smarter and more productive workforce. They provide clients with bespoke blended learning programmes and learners with immersive training experiences. Training content is designed to advance vocational and professional learning and skills, satisfying relevant industry standards.

Working this way has created a more collaborative relationship and we now feel that we’re one team working towards the same objective
Grant Crow, Managing Director: Transform


  • Like several organizations, the team at 3t Transform faced problems with prioritization as they scattered focus across different areas that called out for attention
  • Decision making had been restricted to top management, meaning that team leaders were not empowered.
  • Because of this, they also struggled to satisfy certain customers. They found that 80% of their issues were arising with 5% of their customers, which seriously threatened their top line and market credibility.


To fix their relationships with some unhappy customers, they made the innovative decision to create collaborative OKRs with those customers and include them as users of the platform. OKR teams including Transform staff, sister company staff and customer execs now engage weekly in checkins with a clear focus.

In each check-in, JOP holds the data to structure the conversation. Using this, teams have a framework to troubleshoot problems, brainstorm their next actions, and add them on the screen where they get organised by key result.

Our customers can see the progress being made, and the relationships are improving. It’s likely that 2 of the 3 customers will have improved to the extent that we will no longer need an OKR for them after one quarter of working this way.
Grant Crow, Managing Director: Transform


Within 4 months of using JOP and conducting regular check-ins, Transform has seen their people and organisation mature in ways they hadn’t expected.

  • They now have real time knowledge of how they’re progressing, and know well in advance where they need to invest more time. Having priorities flagged for them in real time has helped them be more proactive in assigning focus.
  • Collaborating on OKRs with important customers has allowed them to structure work in a more transparent manner.
  • Importantly, top management has found team leaders are now operating more commercially and maturely as business people. The whole system distributes ownership in a way that people feel empowered to collaborate accountably.
  • Cascading OKRs down front he company’s vision has also helped alignment between companies in the 3t group and improved the way they work together.


Designing a employee centred goal and growth process


Setting goals successfully to build a high-performance culture


This coupled approach between JOP and the OKR coach played an essential role in giving the Rezo team clarity and confidence in achieving their growth objectives.

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