CASE STUDY Simplifies Its OKR Management With JOP’s Personalized Guidance

2 Aug 2022

2 min


increase in performance completion rate on end of year reviews

increase in survey participation


Rezo firmly believed that by connecting the dots between strategy and execution, they would have a better shot at attracting growth and investors for their organization. A lot of their business expansion plans were dependent on funding. However, in order to attract the right kind of investors, they needed a better structure to think of next level strategy design. While they were setting ambitious targets, the founders themselves were entangled in day to day firefighting and
could not work on strategic direction.

JOP came as a one-stop solution for Rezo. JOP is not just limited to being a SAAS software but provides handholding to companies just starting out for successful implementation

With enlisted the help of our trusted partner Arvind Murwaha, Coach & CEO of CRESKO Consulting. As a premium Business Transformation consultant, Arvind enables start-ups to build a better business and culture through the global crisis.

These sessions created a space for Rezo to identify their key strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats and let OKRs emerge from there.


Session one was a vision-oriented brainstorm with Rezo’s founders. Arvind focused on gaining an understanding on how the business works and the founders’ thoughts on strategy. Together, they identified:

  • strategic directions they hadn’t yet considered
  • what big moves needed to be made
  • and what new skillsets needed to be added in the company to support their growth aspirations
  • Level 1 Objectives

Session three included some more key stakeholders: function heads, team leads, and a JOP+OKR Champion. These new participants looked at the Level 1 Objectives to see where their own teams needed to support the company’s goals and cascaded them down to Level 2 objectives.

Once the OKRs were done by the upper-level management, they were then discussed throughout the team during a show and tell session. The team at first thought that OKRs were to control them and their actions, but the sessions made them realize that JOP is a platform that will enable them to uplift their individual and organizational performance. They had a chance to:

  • Visualise the the company’s direction and priorities through their OKRs
  • Ask questions about their roles in achieving these priorities
  • Understand how to streamline their workflow to focus on these priorities


This coupled approach between JOP and the OKR coach played an essential role in giving the Rezo team clarity and confidence in achieving their growth objectives.

    With these objectives transparently developed and projected, the allocation and cross—utilization of resources are planned and manaqed efficiently.

  • Within this 15 day engagement, the team had built clarity on their next 90 day focus in terms of hiring, execution, and skill development
  • Founders and top management knew the outcomes they needed to track to stay on top of their growth goals
  • Aligned teams – everyone knew where they fit in and why their work matters. They were able to see each other s goals and KRs, and collaborate more effectively
  • They had a JOP Champion who was trained as their resident OKR expert and could drive the process at the company


Convinced with the power of OKRs in bringing 10x growth, Rezo’s founders were keen to implement them. Having explored multiple plug and play OKR products already, they were struggling with applying the framework to their own company’s needs.

JOP’s consultative approach with celebrated Strategy & OKR Coaches from around the world was the differentiator that finally convinced them to take the plunge.


Setting goals successfully to build a high-performance culture


This coupled approach between JOP and the OKR coach played an essential role in giving the Rezo team clarity and confidence in achieving their growth objectives.

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