Peoplebox OKR Software Alternatives


Choosing the right OKR software is pivotal for optimizing your team’s performance.

This article aims to guide you towards the most suitable OKR management tool for your team’s needs.

The impact of an effective OKR tool on goal attainment and organizational success cannot be overstated.

Within this article, we delve into four other OKR software, examining their reviews, ratings, advantages, disadvantages, and pricing models to assist you in making an informed decision.


Peoplebox is a flexible solution that effortlessly integrates strategy execution, performance management, and compensation alignment to drive steady advancement toward broader organizational goals.

Key features

  • Tailored dashboards offer a personalized view of crucial metrics and progress, ensuring teams focus on relevant information, enhancing efficiency, and informed decision-making.
  • Tracking KPIs through a dedicated board ensures a clear overview of performance indicators, facilitating alignment with objectives and aiding in strategic decision-making.
  • Integrating confidence levels allows teams to assess and communicate the certainty of goal attainment, enabling better risk assessment and resource allocation.
  • Regular reviews provide a structured approach for evaluating progress, identifying challenges, and recalibrating strategies, fostering adaptability and growth.
  • Mind mapping features assist in visualizing connections between various goals and initiatives, enhancing strategic planning and fostering innovative approaches.
  • Incorporating narratives in reports adds context and storytelling elements to data, enabling a comprehensive understanding of progress and facilitating clearer communication across teams.
  • Users can do self-assessments for OKRs
  • Incorporates a specific segment for individual meetings
  • Effortlessly integrates with Google Sheets and Slack
User review: G2 User

“Integration with slack helps in reducing additional portal usage for the employees.”

  • Users can do self-assessments for OKRs
  • Incorporates a specific segment for individual meetings
  • Effortlessly integrates with Google Sheets and Slack
User review: Minaoar

“The survey features could be improved. Specifically, often the survey goes to all employees. But it could be department wise or an individually selective survey.”

Software Ratings

Factors Peoplebox
Meets requirements 8.6
Ease of use 8.8
Quality of support 8.8
Product direction 9.1
Overall G2 Rating 4.5/5

User support and training

Peoplebox offers a help center and onboarding and implementation support in their plan.

Pricing Plans

Plans Price
Performance + Engagement $7/user/month
OKR Platform $8/user/month
Full-Suite Professional $12/user/month
Full-Suite Premium $15/user/month
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Best four alternatives of Profit.co’s OKR Software

1. JOP (Joy of Performing)

Key features

  • A clean and organized dashboard facilitates quick and comprehensive oversight of objectives and key results, ensuring clarity and ease of tracking progress.
  • Utilizing AI empowers users by streamlining OKR creation processes, leveraging data insights, and enhancing decision-making. This fosters a more efficient and data-driven approach to goal setting and achievement.
  • Continuous and reciprocal feedback mechanisms promote a culture of collaboration and improvement, fostering an environment where team members can consistently refine their goals and performance.
  • Acknowledging achievements through recognition feedback and badges boosts morale and reinforces positive behaviors, encouraging consistent progress and performance.
  • A comprehensive check-in history provides valuable insights into past discussions and progress, aiding performance evaluations and fostering team accountability.
  • A clean user interface with easy navigation ensures a smoother user experience, reducing friction in utilizing the platform and enhancing overall productivity and engagement.
  • Communicate goals clearly through OKR Alignment Maps
  • Encourage team members to act with the push feature
  • Collect truthful feedback from users with Anonymous surveys
  • Take OKR-aligned initiatives to achieve your objectives
  • Track progress, align, and collaborate with JOP’s mobile app
  • Affordable pricing with competitive features
  • Improved productivity and focus with easy navigation
User review: Pankaj

“JOP’s action items section helps me to manage my tasks on time.”

  • The platform should offer users more OKR templates to choose from
User review: Jaya

“They should bring some more OKR templates onto the platform.”

Software Ratings

Factors JOP (Joy of Performing)
Meets requirements 9.7
Ease of use 9.7
Quality of support 9.7
Product direction 9.8
Overall G2 Rating 4.8/5

User support and training

JOP provides various resources for user support and training, including Email and Chat Support, Ticketing System, In-app Help Center, Personalized Onboarding, OKR Implementation Training, and OKR Champion Training.

Pricing Plans

Plans Price
Start Up Free for 2 Quarters
Scale Up $6.99/user/month (Annual 7% off)
Enterprise (Custom Plan) Get a quote

2. Weekdone

Key features

  • Establishing a hierarchical structure aids in aligning objectives across teams, fostering coherence and direction throughout the organization's goals.
  • Custom templates enable tailored goal setting, while the OKR Wizard provides step-by-step guidance, ensuring clarity and consistency in objective creation.
  • Sample data assists users in understanding and modeling objectives, while the OKR Wizard offers step-by-step guidance, simplifying the process of defining clear and measurable goals.
  • Threaded comments facilitate collaborative discussions, encouraging transparent communication and constructive feedback within the platform.
  • Visualizing project statuses simplifies progress monitoring, aiding in comprehending goal advancements and fostering accountability and transparency.
  • The ability to generate exportable reports enables comprehensive data analysis and sharing, facilitating evaluations and informed decision-making processes.
  • Share your fresh ideas and lessons learned through the ‘News Feed’ feature
  • Keep track of essential notes and references in the dedicated section
  • Confidentially mark your satisfaction levels through the regular survey bar
  • Receive automated weekly status reports for better tracking
User review: Shubham

“Employees get the survey bar regularly to mark their satisfaction levels while maintaining confidentiality.”

  • There is a shortage of easily accessible templates
  • Non-leadership personnel have limited knowledge about their peers’ OKRs
  • Some individuals may feel uneasy when their weekly satisfaction ratings are shown publicly
  • Upgrading to advanced features could result in higher expenses for users
User review: Qual

“Lack of existing templates, in such an advanced application there should be plenty of ready-to-use templates.”

Software Ratings

Factors Weekdone
Meets requirements 8.5
Ease of use 8.1
Quality of support 8.5
Product direction 8.9
Overall G2 Rating 4.1/5

User support and training

Weekdone offers a range of resources to help train your employees, including access to its Learning center, videos, Live chat support, and OKR coaching.

Pricing Plans

Plans Price
Free Free upto 3 users
125 User Package $7.20/user/month
Enterprise (Custom Plan) Get a quote

3. Betterworks

Key features

  • User-friendly visual representations of progress with OKR progress charts aid in tracking and understanding goal advancements, fostering transparency and accountability within the organization.
  • Calibration ensures fairness and consistency in evaluating employee performance against OKRs, promoting a more objective assessment process.
  • Offering real-time feedback enhances communication and development, facilitating immediate course correction and continuous improvement.
  • Check-ins coupled with comments and questions enable detailed discussions, allowing for thorough progress reviews and issue resolution.
  • Immediate notifications ensure timely updates on OKR-related actions, keeping teams informed and engaged in goal pursuit.
  • A mobile app provides on-the-go access, enabling users to engage with OKR-related activities anytime, anywhere, enhancing flexibility and convenience.
  • Enjoy the flexibility of accessing e-learning content whenever it suits you, selecting the most convenient time to watch
  • Collect valuable employee feedback by conducting personalized and anonymous surveys to gain important insights
  • Effortlessly incorporate various milestones into your main objectives for better tracking and progress
  • Provide comprehensive monthly updates by writing detailed notes to ensure clear communication and transparency
User review: Eric

“I like how easy it is to add goals and milestones to see a percentage completion bar to track my objectives.”

  • Switching between individual and team goals would be easier with better filtering
  • Having reminders to review goals as the deadline approaches would be beneficial
  • Absence of AI-driven support in creating OKRs is a drawback
User review: G2 User

“Sometimes it is hard to get reminders that I need to update goals.”

Software Ratings

Factors Betterworks
Meets requirements 8.6
Ease of use 8.5
Quality of support 9.0
Product direction 8.5
Overall G2 Rating 4.3/5

User support and training

Betterworks offers an extensive range of educational materials and a dedicated support center to cater to your training needs.

Pricing Plans

Plans Price
Go Not available
Mid market Not available
Enterprise Not available

4. 15Five

Key features

  • Simplifies setting up new goals by allowing users to duplicate or replicate existing OKRs, streamlining goal-setting and saving time.
  • Integrating OKRs with continuous feedback and performance systems fosters a holistic view of employee development, aligning goals with ongoing evaluations.
  • Seamless integration with Jira and Salesforce provides a more comprehensive platform, bridging OKR tracking with project management and sales, enhancing efficiency and coordination.
  • Offers personalized views, allowing employees to track their OKR progress, promoting accountability, and encouraging personal development.
  • The mobile app ensures accessibility and engagement, allowing users to stay connected, update progress, and engage with OKR-related activities.
  • AI-driven tools might help optimize OKR suggestions, guide users through goal-setting, provide insights, and contribute to better decision-making and efficiency.
  • The performance overview is personalized, allowing individuals to track their progress
  • Spark AI in 15Five is capable of analyzing feedback
  • Managers provide input through simple check-ins and one-on-one meetings
  • It offers extensive training materials that offer users valuable guidance and insights
User review: G2 User

“15Five offer wonderful training resources and webinars that help me stay up to date on industry best practices”

  • Its main focus is on people experience, rather than being solely dedicated to OKR management
  • Crafting personalized survey questions can prove to be a difficult task
  • Canceling the subscription requires a one-month notice and cannot be done independently
User review: Nikita

“You can’t cancel the subscription yourself, you must contact customer support.”

Software Ratings

Factors 15Five
Meets requirements 9.2
Ease of use 9.3
Quality of support 9.2
Product direction 8.7
Overall G2 Rating 4.6/5

User support and training

15Five provides various resources for learning, including a help center, an HR community, a content library, and two training programs for managers that require payment.

Pricing Plans

Plans Price
Engage $4/user/month
Perform $10/user/month
Total Platform $16/user/month


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