15Five OKR Software Alternatives


This article is your guide to finding the ideal OKR software for your team’s needs.

A powerful OKR management tool can be a game-changer, shaping goal achievement and overall organizational success.

Here, we’ll delve into four alternative OKR software options to 15Five, providing insights into their reviews, ratings, strengths, weaknesses, and pricing, empowering you to make an informed choice.


The 15Five provides a unique blend of coaching, manager training, 360° performance evaluations, surveys, streamlined goal and OKR tracking, and resources for meaningful employee-manager feedback.

Key features

  • The Jira & Salesforce integration allows for seamless collaboration and data synchronization between these two essential platforms, enhancing productivity and streamlining workflows.
  • Weekly Check-ins provide a structured framework for regular communication and goal alignment, fostering accountability and transparency within teams.
  • The individual employee progress view offers a comprehensive overview of each team member's performance, enabling managers to provide targeted support and recognition.
  • Org-wide tracking and management facilitate centralized monitoring and reporting of key metrics, empowering organizations to make data-driven decisions and drive overall performance
  • The software's seamless integration with continuous feedback and performance management tools ensures a holistic approach to employee development and growth, promoting a culture of continuous improvement and engagement.
  • Encourage managers to provide feedback through seamless check-ins and one-on-one meetings
  • Enables a convenient and efficient feature for recognizing high-fives
  • Provides a summary of personal performance metrics for easy access
User review: G2 User

“It’s great at ensuring important topics are identified and raised in 1-to-1s.”

  • Encourage managers to provide feedback through seamless check-ins and one-on-one meetings
  • Enables a convenient and efficient feature for recognizing high-fives
  • Provides a summary of personal performance metrics for easy access
User review: G2 User

“Inability to add any custom questions to the survey.”

Software Ratings

Factors 15Five
Meets requirements 9.2
Ease of use 9.3
Quality of support 9.2
Product direction 8.7
Overall G2 Rating 4.6/5

User support and training

Access a variety of learning materials including a support center, an HR community, a library of content, and two specialized training programs designed specifically for managers.

Pricing Plans

Plans Price
Engage $4/user/month
Perform $10/user/month
Total $99/manager/month

Best four alternatives of Profit.co’s OKR Software

1. JOP (Joy of Performing)

Key features

  • Visualizing objectives in an alignment tree helps understand how individual goals contribute to larger organizational objectives, fostering alignment and clarity across teams, which is essential for cohesive progress.
  • Providing confidence ratings allows users to gauge the certainty or probability of achieving set objectives, aiding in realistic goal setting, resource allocation, and prioritization of efforts.
  • Keeping a detailed log of OKR-related activities ensures transparency, accountability, and a historical reference for tracking changes, facilitating audits, and maintaining a comprehensive record of goal-related actions.
  • Offering avenues for providing structured feedback to managers encourages open communication, strengthens manager-employee relationships, and fosters an environment conducive to continual improvement.
  • Enabling anonymous pulse surveys collects candid feedback from employees, encouraging honest opinions, addressing concerns, and gaining valuable insights crucial for enhancing workplace culture and strategy execution.
  • A dedicated insights section provides comprehensive analytics and data-driven perspectives, empowering users with actionable insights for informed decision-making and strategy refinement.
  • Access via a mobile app ensures flexibility and convenience, allowing users to engage with OKRs, provide updates, and access vital information on the go. This promotes agility and continuous alignment even outside the office.
  • AI assistance for setting and achieving OKR goals and taking action to make progress on them
  • Consistent employee acknowledgment through specific feedback and prompt badges
  • Attain clarity using OKR Alignment Maps
  • Capability to store previous feedback in one central place
  • JOP’s mobile application for easily tracking progress, ensuring alignment, and fostering collaboration
  • Affordable pricing options with competitive features
  • Seamless integration with popular tools like Slack, Jira, Google Sheets, and Microsoft Teams
User review: Krishna

“A simple easy to navigate tool which also allows us to create OKRs in seconds using AI assistant.”

  • While the navigation is pretty intuitive, JOP can improve by improving the loading and transition speed.
User review: Akanksha

“But the system is a little bit slow; they can improve on loading speed.”

Software Ratings

Factors JOP (Joy of Performing)
Meets requirements 9.7
Ease of use 9.7
Quality of support 9.7
Product direction 9.8
Overall G2 Rating 4.8/5

User support and training

JOP provides various user support and training resources such as Email and Chat Support, Ticketing System, In-app Help Center, Personalized Onboarding, OKR Implementation Training, and OKR Champion Training.

Pricing Plans

Plans Price
Start Up Free for 2 Quarters
Scale Up $6.99/user/month (Annual 7% off)
Enterprise (Custom Plan) Get a quote

2. Engagedly

Key features

  • Multiple goal drafts and feedback enhance collaboration by allowing users to refine goals iteratively, ensuring they stay aligned with evolving organizational priorities and fostering continuous improvement.
  • The tag feature in goals simplifies goal tracking and organization, providing a structured approach for users to categorize objectives, promoting clarity, and facilitating quick identification of critical aspects.
  • OKR clone feature streamlines goal creation by enabling users to replicate successful structures, ensuring consistency across projects, and saving time through a standardized approach.
  • Analytics and Reporting empower decision-makers with actionable insights, providing a data-driven approach to measuring progress, identifying trends, and making informed strategic decisions for organizational success.
  • Real-Time Feedback transforms performance reviews into dynamic conversations, fostering employee growth through timely insights that address challenges and acknowledge achievements promptly.
  • AI-written reviews streamline the review process with objective and unbiased insights, contributing to fair and accurate assessments that support employee development and organizational success.
  • The review questions collection is exceptional
  • Exporting reports and data is easy
  • The check-ins section automatically displays goal progress and feedback
  • A praise wall is included for peer recognition
User review: Saif

“Engagedly has prepared question sets for the person’s review, and they are the best set of questions.”

  • It is not possible to choose multiple departments or business units while setting up goals
  • Replicating individual monthly goals is challenging due to the inability to copy them
  • The platform is primarily designed to enhance the employee experience
  • Certain leaders excessively depend on AI for the entire review process, which may not be ideal
User review: Nikki

“It is not easy to recreate the lists and goals. A copy feature would speed that process up.”

Software Ratings

Factors Engagedly
Meets requirements 8.7
Ease of use 8.4
Quality of support 9.0
Product direction 8.5
Overall G2 Rating 4.4/5

User support and training

Engagedly provides a knowledge center, live chat, E3 Academy for upskilling, an integrated LMS, and mentoring opportunities to train your team members.

Pricing Plans

Plans Price
Performance Suite $9/user/month
Rewards and Recognition Add-on $5/user/month
Growth and Learning Add-on $5/user/month
Mentoring Services Not available

3. Betterworks

Key features

  • Calibration and employee evaluation ensure fair evaluations and transparency with a calibration feature, fostering trust and objectivity in performance assessments.
  • OKR alignment seamlessly aligns individual and team objectives with overall company goals, enhancing organizational efficiency and driving collective success.
  • Check-ins with comments and questions foster continuous communication and collaboration through check-ins, encouraging open dialogue and a culture of engagement.
  • Collaboration and execution provides a platform for teams to work towards shared objectives and driving productivity actively.
  • Real-Time feedback mechanisms gives immediate insights into employee performance, fostering a culture of agility and continuous improvement.
  • OKR progress charts visualize goal advancement with progress charts, offering clear insights for decision-making and proactive management of organizational objectives.
  • Compose detailed notes for monthly updates effortlessly
  • Effortlessly incorporate multiple milestones into your primary goals
  • Access e-learning content at your convenience, selecting the optimal time for viewing
  • Switch between line items, charts, and dashboard views seamlessly with a single click
User review: Eric

“I like how easy it is to add goals and milestones to see a percentage completion bar to track my objectives.”

  • Reminders for goal review as the end date approaches would be beneficial
  • Improved filtering to ease the transition between individual and team goals, reducing confusion
  • Enhanced control over survey participants, including the option for self-removal, would be advantageous
  • Integration capabilities with third-party solutions could enhance its functionality
User review: G2 User

“Potential to improve integration into other business tools used on a daily basis.”

Software Ratings

Factors Betterworks
Meets requirements 8.6
Ease of use 8.5
Quality of support 9.0
Product direction 8.5
Overall G2 Rating 4.3/5

User support and training

Betterworks offers an extensive range of educational materials and a dedicated support center to cater to training needs.

Pricing Plans

Plans Price
Betterworks Go Not available
Mid-MarketNot available
Enterprise Not available

4. xto10x

Key features

  • The OKRs tree with an infinite cascade allows for seamless alignment and tracking of objectives and key results throughout the organization, enabling efficient goal management and fostering a culture of transparency and accountability.
  • Governance analytics and dashboards provide comprehensive insights and real-time data visualization, empowering decision-makers to make informed choices and drive strategic initiatives based on accurate and up-to-date information.
  • Custom visibility controls offer the flexibility to tailor access permissions and data visibility, ensuring that sensitive information is securely shared with the right individuals or teams.
  • Employee self-reflections facilitate personal growth and development by encouraging individuals to reflect on their achievements, challenges, and areas for improvement, fostering a culture of continuous learning and self-awareness.
  • The activity log and dashboard provide a centralized hub for tracking and monitoring user actions, enabling administrators to maintain an audit trail and ensure compliance with organizational policies and procedures.
  • User experience is prioritized in xto10x software, delivering an intuitive and user-friendly interface that enhances productivity, minimizes learning curves, and promotes user adoption and satisfaction.
  • Regular reminders for check-ins are available
  • Bulk uploading of OKRs is supported
  • Valuable insights from the team can be accessed through a survey module
User review: Meheli

“The survey tool allows us to gauge the pulse of employees and bring in improvements.”

  • The tool doesn’t support downloads of reports in PDF format
  • Exporting OKRs might pose some challenges
  • It’s not solely tailored as an OKR-specific tool
User review: Darshana

“A download option of a report in pdf format should have been more helpful.”

Software Ratings

Factors xto10x
Meets requirements 8.4
Ease of use 8.4
Quality of support 9.1
Product direction 9.1
Overall G2 Rating 4.6/5

User support and training

xto10x provides a comprehensive assistance hub along with premium tailored support services for the product.

Pricing Plans

Plans Price
OKRs and Performance Management $6/user/month
Employee Engagement $2/user/month
All-in-One $7/user/month


Each OKR software brings unique functionalities and benefits alongside its set of drawbacks.

By comparing 15Five with other alternatives, you gain valuable insights into their distinct offerings.

Remember, finding the perfect fit depends on aligning the software’s features with your team’s requirements.

Consider taking advantage of free trials to make an informed decision tailored to your needs.