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PerformYard simplifies and optimizes performance management processes. Its core purpose is to enhance efficiency by seamlessly managing the performance journey and alleviating HR teams’ administrative burden. PerformYard innovates by harmonizing and fine-tuning these processes to align with your unique organizational needs.

PerformYard includes Reviews and Check-ins for thorough evaluations. Goal Management helps align with strategic objectives. Continuous Feedback promotes ongoing improvement. Reporting and Analytics provide data-driven insights. Employee Engagement is supported with customized tools. New-Hire Assessments aid in smooth onboarding, and Performance Improvement Plans (PIPs) offer a framework for growth.

PerformYard enables you to create a performance management process that fits your company culture, making it relevant for any organization. Whether you’re leading a startup, mid-sized enterprise, or multinational corporation, PerformYard adjusts to your requirements and aligns your performance management journey with your organizational objectives.

This comprehensive review is your holistic guide to understanding PerformYard’s range of features, solutions, and associated pricing.

PerformYard Rating

Meets Requirements9.39.4
Ease of Use9.29.6
Quality of Support9.79.5
Product Direction8.810

PerformYard Review


  • PerformYard helps employees have meaningful conversations about their past reviews and future goals while recording them in one place.
  • It can customize reviews to match an employee’s role. You can also add images and documents to make these reviews more meaningful.
  • The platform helps employees keep record of their projects all year long. This makes it easier for them to show their accomplishments during their yearly review.
  • The dual-view feature makes reviews more impactful by letting you simultaneously see past and current evaluations.


  • Performance review forms do not provide industry-specific HR guidance. You may need to spend extra time creating custom forms that fit your business needs.
  • There should be a more intuitive placement of peer feedback beyond the 360-degree feedback. Additionally, some users feel that excessive click-throughs are required for employees to access certain features.
  • Even if it allows users to make specific review answers marked mandatory, users can bypass them, resulting in incomplete reviews or assessments, affecting data accuracy and completeness.
  • Many users have reported that the mobile experience is not as polished or easy to use as the desktop version.
  • It lacks the automatic transfer of data from HRIS to PerformYard outside of fields such as name, manager, hire date, etc.

PerformYard Pricing

PerformYard Software provides businesses with two distinct plans for performance management, allowing them to customize their strategy according to their specific requirements.

Performance Management Plan: It has tools to help with check-ins, setting goals, and getting feedback. It also has a system to collect data automatically. The plan also has reporting and analytics features to help organizations learn from the data. PerformYard offers a Dedicated Customer Success Manager to help with getting started. Resources like phone, email, and knowledge base also help users with their performance reviews.

Employee Engagement Plan: The plan uses anonymous surveys to ask about seven important factors that affect how well employees do their jobs. The surveys help businesses see how their employees feel over time and group their responses by different types of employees. This allows companies to understand how their organization works. The Engagement Plan is important because it helps businesses improve their employees’ engagement, enabling them to do better work.

Performance Management Plan
Reviews & Check-Ins

  • Custom questions
  • Quarterly check-ins
  • Upward reviews
  • Multi-manager reviews
  • 360 reviews
  • PIPs
Goal Management

  • Flexible goal setting
  • Goal check-ins
  • Cascading goals
  • Progress reporting
  • Checklists
Continuous Feedback

  • 1-to-1 feedback and Tagging
  • Request feedback
  • Public recognition
  • Manager feedback
  • Private notes
Reporting and Analytics

  • Employee data dashboard
  • Cycle progress tracking
  • Trend reports
  • Cross-cycle reports
  • Filter & summarize

Price comparison

PerformYard is a dedicated performance management platform with all the essential features like reviews, continuous feedback, reporting, etc. You can also add Engagement features on the platform with an additional monthly subscription of $3 per user.

On the other hand, JOP offers similar features with effective outcome-based progress tracking, objective performance reviews, and employee engagement features like anonymous surveys, peer recognition, etc. It provides all in one plan.

Performance Management PlanScale Up

PerformYard Features

1. Reviews & Check-Ins

PerformYard’s review and check-in features facilitate effective communication and feedback within your organization. With custom questions, you can tailor the review process to your company’s unique needs. This ensures that you focus on the areas that matter most to your business.

Quarterly check-ins are a great way to promote regular conversations between managers and employees. They allow you to discuss progress, provide guidance, and make necessary adjustments more frequently than the traditional annual review cycle.

It offers upward reviews, allowing employees to provide feedback on their managers. This fosters a culture of open communication and mutual growth. Multi-manager thoughts are perfect for employees working with multiple supervisors, ensuring a holistic evaluation.

With 360-degree reviews, you can gather insights from peers, subordinates, and external stakeholders, providing a comprehensive view of an employee’s performance. Performance Improvement Plans (PIPs) are also part of the package, aiding in addressing performance challenges constructively and turning them into opportunities for improvement.

2. Goal Management

PerformYard’s goal management features are geared toward enhancing organizational alignment and progress tracking. Flexible goal setting allows you to customize objectives based on individual roles, ensuring that each employee’s goals contribute directly to the company’s overall mission.

Regular goal check-ins enable ongoing discussions around goal progress, fostering a culture of accountability and achievement. The concept of cascading goals ensures that objectives are seamlessly aligned across various levels of your organization, from top to bottom.

The progress reporting capabilities visually represent goal achievement, offering at-a-glance insights into your team’s performance trends. This helps you identify areas of success and areas that might need more attention. Checklists are an invaluable tool for breaking down complex goals into manageable steps. This way, employees have a clear roadmap, enhancing transparency and clarity in pursuing objectives.

PerformYard Goal Management
3. Continuous Feedback

With the 1-to-1 feedback and tagging feature, employees and managers can engage in ongoing conversations about performance. This promotes timely communication, making it easier to address concerns and recognize achievements in real-time.

Additionally, the ability to request feedback empowers employees to seek input from peers, supervisors, or anyone relevant to their work. This fosters a collaborative environment focused on growth.

PerformYard allows for public acknowledgment of employee accomplishments, contributing to a culture of appreciation and motivation. At the same time, manager feedback is vital in guiding employees’ development.

With PerformYard, managers can provide structured feedback essential for an employee’s growth journey. For more confidential insights, private notes allow managers to record observations, feedback, and notes for future reference and more personalized interactions.


4. Reporting and Analytics

The employee data dashboard offers a central hub to view individual performance metrics, making it easier to assess strengths and areas for improvement. Cycle progress tracking ensures you’re always aware of where you are in the performance review cycle, avoiding surprises.

Trend reports can help you understand how your organization is evolving and responding to various initiatives. The cross-cycle reports provide a big-picture perspective, allowing you to compare performance data across different review cycles.

To further enhance your analysis, the filter and summarize options enable you to narrow down data points, making extracting actionable insights and trends easier.

Reporting & Analytics


PerformYard is a powerful performance management platform that reviews and enhances employee performance. The platform has all the necessary features, simple UI, and easy UX.

We hope you can make the right choice of subscribing to performance management software after reading this detailed review of the platform’s features and pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, PerformYard can integrate with Slack, Microsoft Teams, G-suite, and many other tools.

Is PerformYard 's performance management software appropriate for both small and large businesses?

Yes, you can use PerformYard for small, medium, and large businesses.

What features do I get in their Performance Management platform?

PerformYard’s performance management plan includes features in these areas:

  • Reviews & Check-Ins
  • Goal Management
  • Feedback
    Reporting and
  • Analytics
Which are the competitors to PerformYard?
  • JOP (Joy of
  • Performing)
  • Lattice
  • 15Five
  • Culture Amp

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