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Motivosity is based on the belief that your life at work should be as meaningful, satisfying, and enjoyable as your life outside of work. It is an all-in-one employee experience software that focuses on employee engagement.

Motivosity can help you build a thriving community within your organization. Recognition and rewards become an integral part of your work culture when you use Motivosity. It also emphasizes Manager Development, and with insights into your team’s feelings, you can make informed decisions that truly matter.

Motivosity works with various clients, from large corporations to small businesses, in various roles and teams. In this article, you will learn about the Motivosity platform, its features, and use cases, and whether it is a good fit for your organization’s specific requirements.

Motivosity Rating

Meets Requirements9.49.4
Ease of Use9.59.6
Quality of Support9.49.5
Product Direction8.910

Motivosity Review


  • Employees can feel valued for their contributions when they receive monetary support bonuses.
  • It allows you to express gratitude through a monetary bonus or a heartfelt thank-you and personalized note.
  • It provides various recognition and reward options, such as peer recognition, manager commendation, and team-based accolades.
  • It provides a visual representation of a person’s recognition history, highlighting any gaps in recognition.


  • The main wall of Motivosity can have content overflow and information noise. Frequent posts may push previous ones down, potentially reducing their visibility.
  • You may be unsure about the specific comments or posts that trigger notifications due to ambiguous comments.
  • The timing of the ENPS survey is confusing, resulting in low participation. Motivosity may alter the way the survey appears to increase engagement.
  • Its inability to provide anonymous feedback prevents it from sharing critical insights such as constructive feedback.
  • The potential imbalance in monetary employee recognition based on available budgets could result in disparities and potential demotivation.

Motivosity Pricing

Motivosity’s pricing model provides organizations various options to meet their specific needs. The ‘Community and Connection’ plan is at its heart, laying the groundwork for an engaging and connected work environment.

This strategy includes various features for building vibrant work communities, such as social profiles, feeds, announcements, and feed nudges. It lays the groundwork for meaningful interactions and collaboration, fostering unity among team members.

Beyond the basics, it provides add-on plans that address specific aspects of performance management.

Recognition and Rewards Plan: The Recognition and Rewards plan takes center stage in cultivating a culture of gratitude and appreciation. Peer recognition and monetary rewards can help organizations boost employee motivation and satisfaction.

Manager Development Plan: Manager development into influential leaders is a critical driver of organizational success. The Manager Development Plan provides essential tools to leaders, such as 1:1s, coaching, and generative AI.

Employee Insights Plan: Understanding employee sentiments and preferences is essential for developing good habits and fostering continuous improvement. The Employee Insights plan makes this possible with features such as pulse surveys and survey reporting.

Motivosity - Community and ConnectionRecognition and RewardsManager DevelopmentEmployee Insights
Social ProfilesPeer-to-peer Giving Campaigns1 on 1’sPulse Surveying
Appreciation Feed and NudgesAchievements & AwardsPriority AlignmentMV6 eNPS Surveying
Gratitud FocusGSpot RecognitionsAgenda Item TrackingKey Player Insights
ThanksMatters CardExternal GivingCoachingeNPS Trends and Team Insights
Spending MoneyLocal & Company StoreJournalingSurvey Customization
FundingFor-A-Cause ItemsSuccession PlanningFull Survey Reporting
Virtual Store (Gift Cards)Insights for SB & External GivingManager Team InsightsTurnover Trends and Analysis
Monetary InsightsAutomated MilestonesEmployee History 
Organization Charts Meeting Management 
Scheduled Insights Generative A 
Interest Groups   
Personality Profiles   
Engage Insights for Active Features   

Price comparison

Motivosity is a good platform with a highlighting feature of monetary recognition programs, but many users have said it can also be counterproductive. It can devalue non-monetary rewards and support unhealthy competition.

Other platforms like JOP enable employees to work together cross-functionally and recognize each other out of shared responsibility toward common goals well-aligned with the business.

Basic with Add-onsScale Up

Motivosity Features

1. Community and Connection Features

Motivosity’s platform is focused on creating thriving work communities. Through features such as Social Profiles, Appreciation Feeds, and Nudges, employees connect, collaborate, and celebrate one another’s accomplishments.

The Gratitude Focus fosters an appreciation culture, while the ThanksMatters Card and Spending Money options allow individuals to choose rewards.

The Funding feature allows teams to pool resources for special awards and convert them to real money. The Local and Company Store, which includes gift cards gives freedom to choose your rewards.

Monetary Insights, Organization Charts, and Scheduled Insights provide valuable data and insights for informed decision-making, whereas Interest Groups and Personality Profiles help team members connect and understand one another.

Motivosity dashboard
2. Recognition & Rewards Features

The Recognition & Rewards module in Motivosity enhances the power of peer-to-peer recognition. Giving Campaigns promote teamwork and camaraderie, whereas Awards and Achievements recognize and celebrate milestones and achievements.

Spot Recognitions enable timely recognition of outstanding contributions, fostering a culture of continuous recognition. External Giving and For-A-Cause Items show the platform’s dedication to making meaningful contributions outside the organization.

Spot Bonuses, External Giving, and Awards Insights provide data-driven guidance to ensure rewards align with performance and goals. Automated milestones streamline the acknowledgment process, ensuring that special moments are never overlooked.

3. Manager Development Features

The 1:1 feature allows managers and their teams to have meaningful conversations and feedback exchanges, which fosters stronger relationships and alignment.

Priority Alignment ensures that team objectives are in sync with larger organizational goals, improving strategic focus. Agenda Item Tracking streamlines meeting discussions by keeping important topics on track.

Coaching enables managers to lead their teams to greater success and excellence, whereas journaling provides a reflective space for capturing insights and progress.

Manager Team Insights and Employee History provide a comprehensive overview of team dynamics and individual development, while Related Sweeteners and Meeting Management round out the leadership toolkit.

Integrating Generative AI improves leadership capabilities by enhancing decision-making with data-driven insights.

4. Employee Insights Features

Pulse Surveying collects real-time feedback, allowing organisations to assess employee sentiment and satisfaction.

MV6 eNPS Surveying delves deeper into employee engagement, providing an overall picture of satisfaction.

Key Player Insights highlight key contributors, ensuring their impact is recognized and capitalized on. eNPS Trends and Team Insights provide a dynamic perspective on shifts in engagement.

Survey Customization creates questionnaires tailored to specific needs, ensuring relevancy and depth. Full Survey Reporting gives you actionable insights based on survey responses.

Turnover Trends and Analysis identify patterns and potential areas for improvement, preventing attrition and fostering a retention culture.

Survey overview


If you have read the whole review above, you may have noticed that highlight features of Motivosity that are focused on Employee Recognition. It features many creative ways to reward the team members, such as gift cards.

While monetary rewards motivate employees in the short term, many users have mentioned how this system can be unproductive and hurt performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Motivosity  can integrate with Slack, Microsoft Teams, G-suite, and many other tools.

Is Motivosity 's performance management software appropriate for both small and large businesses?

Yes, you can use Motivosity for small, medium, and large businesses.

What features do I get in their Performance Management platform?

Motivosity includes features mainly in these domains of performance management:

  • Community and Connection
  • Recognition and Rewards
  • Manager Development
  • Employee Insights
Which are the competitors to Motivosity?
  • JOP (Joy of Performing)
  • Lattice
  • Culture Amp
  • 15Five
  • Leapsome

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