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Dr. Runa Maitra

Founder & Director, People Talent International

Area of Expertise

#Business HR Consultant #Educationist #People Analytics #Design thinking

Runa brings over 25 years of expertise in HR and OD across diverse sectors like Fintech, IT/ITES, Professional Services, Manufacturing, and Retail in India, the US, and the UK. As the founder and director of People Talent International, she has been a valued partner to numerous entrepreneurs, offering her insights as a Business and HR Consultant. Her association extends to startups and academia, where she serves as a trusted business consultant/advisor.

Suresh Mansharamani

Founder, Tajurba Business Network Pvt Ltd

Area of Expertise

#Business Coach #Startups #OKR Coach

Suresh Mansharamani, founder of Tajurba Business Network, is a Maharashtra-based Business & OKR Coach with a Presidential Award, Gallup Strengths Coach, and author of 5 books. Helping individuals and businesses achieve their goals via OKRs from Gurgaon, India.


Business Strategy & Transformation Coach

Area of Expertise

#OKR Coach #Hr Strategy Coach #Transformation Coach

Deepshikha An XLRI Jamshedpur alumni comes with 18 years of experience in business and HR strategy coaching, benefiting over 200 startups and SMEs. She's a certified facilitator in Access Consciousness Coaching, with expertise in 45 life-saving modalities as a mindset coach. As an experienced Strategy and transformation Coach, she focuses on driving transformative change through effective people management, with a focus on OKRs and performance management.

Manish Jain

Business Coach, Action Coach India & Middle East

Area of Expertise

#Business Coach #Life Coach #strategy

Manish Jain, a seasoned professional with over 32 years of diverse business experience, is a dedicated business coach, life coach, and leadership coach affiliated with Action Coach. Operating from Dehradun, India, Manish Jain combines this extensive expertise with a proven, award-winning, and numbers-driven framework to help individuals and businesses achieve their goals and thrive.

Deepak Nagpal

Managing Partner at India Accelerator

Area of Expertise

#Agile #Change Management #OKRs #Business Consulting

Deepak Nagpal, Managing Partner at India Accelerator, brings over 23 years of leadership experience. He held key positions at Publicis Sapient, Fidelity, and Planet Asia. With a global perspective from India, UK, and US, he's dedicated to fostering collaboration among entrepreneurs, corporations, academia, and government to drive innovation and growth.

Ashish Janiani

Founder & CEO, Motivational Diaries

Area of Expertise

#OKR Coach #Strategy Consulting #Business Planning

Ashish Janiani, a self-made entrepreneur, has transformed into one of India's most prominent sales coaching organizations. His remarkable journey includes being recognized as the Transformational Coach of the Year in 2021, and he's a strong advocate for OKRs, showcasing his commitment to achieving success through structured objectives and key results.

Arvind Murwaha

CEO, CRESKO Consulting

Area of Expertise

#CXO Coaching #Strategy Consulting #Culture Transformation #Talent Management #MBTI #OKR Specialist

Arvind is the CEO and Transformation Coach at CRESKO Consulting. He has extensive experience in developing short & long term strategies, seizing control of critical problem areas and delivering on organization growth. Certification: internationally valid MBTI accreditation; DiSC by Thomas International; ICF Coach on Results Coaching; and Hogan coach.

Jeremy Webb

CEO, Organizational Engineering

Area of Expertise

#Optimizing Team Performance #High Growth Organizations

Jeremy is the founder and CEO of Organizational Engineering, the chief organizer of the DC Agile Leadership Network. Jeremy specializes in optimizing team performance and personal fulfilment for high-growth organizations using a proprietary system called the Self-Organizing Scaling System.

Andrew Constable

Founder, Visualise Solutions

Area of Expertise

#OKR Coach #Strategy Consulting #OKR Consulting

Andrew is the founder of Visualise Solutions in the UK, and he's an experienced MBA-qualified OKR consultant working with organizations of all sizes. He specializes in optimizing organization focus for high-growth businesses using OKRs as a base. Andrew is also a founder member of the OKR network, which brings together leading thinkers and practitioners from around the world .

Dr. Brian Gladden

Strategy & Innovation Consultant

Area of Expertise

#OKR Coach #Strategy Consulting #Revenue Generation #Design Thinking

He is an expert in Value Proposition Canvas, Design Thinking, and Lean Canvas methods. Brian has created the concept of Customer-Centered Innovation Framework. His work helps firms shift their perspective to find new customers, and compete more effectively in current markets. He has experience with start-ups and Fortune 500 firms.
Dr. Gladden holds a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA), Strategy & Innovation – Capella University.

Carsten Ley

Consultant at OKR Asia

Area of Expertise

#Agile #Change Management #OKRs #Business Consulting

Carsten is a founder and Consultant at OKR Asia, Asia PMO, a management consulting firm based in East Asia focused on agile business transformation. This includes agile management and goal-setting by OKRs as well utmost customer and employee experience focus. He works to transform your businesses into a focused, aligned & result-oriented organisation with engaged employees and delighted customers.

Tristan Pelloux

Director, StrategWhy

Area of Expertise

#OKR Coach #Strategy Consulting #Business Planning

StrategWhy is an independent management consulting firm providing expert advice and guidance to business leaders and founders. We help organisations improve overall performance and operations through industry-specific insights and actionable strategies.

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