Does Walmart use OKRs?

does walmart use OKRs?

Does Walmart use OKRs? How did Walmart start with OKRs?

Yes, Walmart uses OKRs. They’ve been setting OKRs since the early 2010s, starting in key departments like engineering and product before gradually expanding them across the organization.

They emphasize transparency, shared purpose, and individual accountability, aligning company-wide goals with individual efforts. While they utilize OKRs strategically, they also adapt them to their unique needs, valuing flexibility and agility.

Where is Walmart now with the OKRs?

Both feedback and positive reinforcement play a vital role in achieving objectives within any organization, and Walmart is no exception. 

317 out of 540 Walmart employees actively agreed when asked if the company’s KPIs and OKRs are clear and if they feel invested in them.

According to reports from Walmart employees, the frequency and quality of feedback they receive varies significantly. While some employees reported receiving constructive feedback every week, others mentioned that they rarely or never received any feedback.


Walmart’s commitment to fostering a culture of innovation and continuous improvement aligns with the principles of OKRs, emphasizing goal-setting, transparency, and measurable outcomes. 

While specific implementation details may not be readily available, the company’s overarching focus on driving results and maintaining a customer-centric approach reflects a strategic mindset synonymous with OKR methodologies.

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