Workboard OKR Software Alternatives


Finding the right OKR software tailored to your team’s needs is crucial for streamlined goal management and organizational success.
This article aims to assist you in discovering the most suitable OKR management tool for your team.
We’ll comprehensively explore and compare five OKR software solutions, delving into their reviews, ratings, pros, cons, and pricing details to aid your decision-making process.


Workboard's innovative strategy execution platform empowers leaders, managers, and teams to collaborate effectively on achieving their OKRs.

Key features

  • Streamlined business reviews with automatic scorecards offer a seamless evaluation process, providing real-time insights into performance metrics, enabling informed decision-making, and fostering agility in strategy refinement.
  • Integrated Gen AI brings advanced artificial intelligence capabilities, enhancing decision-making by providing data-driven recommendations, optimizing goal-setting processes, and ensuring objectives are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound).
  • The OKR Alignment Tree visualizes goal alignment and dependencies, ensuring clarity in how individual and team objectives contribute to overarching organizational goals, fostering cohesive alignment and focused efforts.
  • Confidence ratings enable users to gauge the likelihood of goal achievement, aiding in prioritization, resource allocation, and risk assessment. They ensure realistic goal-setting and improve planning accuracy.
  • Snapshots for point reporting offer a snapshot view of key data points, facilitating quick and focused reporting, aiding in performance assessment, and guiding informed decision-making processes.
  • Detailed charts showing progress
  • Capability to give presentations using Workboard
  • A wide range of support materials available for users
User review: Veronica

“The weekly reports my team sends me are great.”

  • Detailed charts showing progress
  • Capability to give presentations using Workboard
  • A wide range of support materials available for users
User review: Clay N

“It isn’t as intuitive as I’d like, so there is a bit of a learning curve.”

Software Ratings

Factors Workboard
Meets requirements 8.8
Ease of use 8.6
Quality of support 9.8
Product direction 9.4
Overall G2 Rating 4.4/5

User support and training

The platform provides round-the-clock technical assistance, in-app guidance, instructor-led courses, flexible self-paced learning, and support services.

Pricing Plans

Not available

Best four alternatives of Profit.co’s OKR Software

1. JOP (Joy of Performing)

Key features

  • Intuitive OKR dashboards offer a user-friendly interface for swift progress assessment, aiding in timely decision-making and providing a clear visual overview of goal advancements.
  • Seamless collaboration features such as comments, mentions, and file sharing enhance communication, ensure real-time feedback, foster teamwork, and promote efficient knowledge sharing.
  • Upward feedback mechanisms empower employees to share insights and suggestions with higher management, fostering a culture of openness, employee involvement, and continuous improvement within the organization.
  • Quick recognition feedback and badges cultivate a positive work environment, boost morale, reinforce desired behaviors, and acknowledge employee contributions, promoting engagement and motivation.
  • Check-in history and the OKR activity log facilitate tracking progress and maintaining a historical record of discussions, aiding in performance reviews, fostering accountability, and ensuring transparency in goal management processes.
  • Productivity and focus are enhanced by the ease of navigating
  • JOP Mobile app allows for quick progress checks and managing individual actions effectively
  • The anonymous surveys feature in JOP is excellent for gathering honest insights from users
  • JOP offers thoughtful OKR management features and more affordable pricing than its competitors
  • The ability to store historical feedback in one place is a valuable functionality
User review: G2 User

“The survey option is straightforward to run and time-saving, and it allows me to create a survey where I can get detailed feedback from my team.”

  • Users would appreciate more OKR templates on the platform
User review: Swati

“JOP can add some more OKRs templates.”

Software Ratings

Factors JOP (Joy of Performing)
Meets requirements 9.7
Ease of use 9.7
Quality of support 9.7
Product direction 9.8
Overall G2 Rating 4.8/5

User support and training

You can access JOP’s user support and training resources such as Email and Chat Support,
Ticketing System, In-app Help Center, Personalized Onboarding, OKR Implementation Training, and OKR Champion Training.

Pricing Plans

Plans Price
Start Up Free for 2 Quarters
Scale Up $6.99/user/month (Annual 7% off)
Enterprise (Custom Plan) Get a quote

2. Betterworks

Key features

  • HR & Manager Insights provide valuable analytics, enabling data-driven decision-making, fostering a deeper understanding of workforce dynamics, and facilitating informed HR strategies to enhance employee performance and engagement.
  • Calibration Mode with data empowers fair and accurate performance evaluations by leveraging objective data, ensuring equitable assessment processes, and aligning performance ratings across teams.
  • The Conversations feature fosters open communication, allowing discussions, feedback exchanges, and collaboration directly within the platform. It promotes a culture of transparency and alignment toward shared goals.
  • OKR progress charts offer visual representations of goal advancements, aiding in tracking performance, identifying trends, and facilitating quick assessment of progress against set objectives.
  • Check-ins with comments and questions enable structured discussions, foster regular feedback exchanges, address challenges, and ensure clarity in goal execution through effective communication channels.
  • Engage Anonymous Surveys provide a platform for candid feedback collection, ensuring confidentiality and encouraging honest opinions. This is instrumental in gauging employee sentiments and driving improvements in organizational culture.
  • Record comprehensive notes every month for progress updates
  • Incorporate various milestones into your main objectives with ease
  • Enjoy the flexibility of accessing e-learning materials at your preferred time
  • Effortlessly switch between line items, charts, and dashboard views with just one click
User review: Brad

“Monthly updates – Also you can add a lot of information in your notes!”

  • Having reminders to review goals as the deadline approaches would be beneficial
  • Improved filtering would be helpful in reducing confusion when switching between individual and team goals
  • Would be better to have more control over survey participants, including the ability for self-removal
  • Integration capabilities with third-party solutions could enhance its functionality
User review: Sebastien

“Integration with other HR systems is not as advanced as we would like.”

Software Ratings

Factors Betterworks
Meets requirements 8.6
Ease of use 8.5
Quality of support 9.0
Product direction 8.5
Overall G2 Rating 4.4/5

User support and training

Betterworks offers a wide range of educational materials and a dedicated support hub to facilitate training.

Pricing Plans

Plans Price
Betterworks Go Unavailable
Mid Market Unavailable
Enterprise (Custom Plan) Get a quote

3. Quantive

Key features

  • OKR Cycles and Sessions provide structured timelines for goal-setting and review, ensuring a systematic approach to managing objectives, fostering regular assessments, and facilitating strategic planning within defined timeframes.
  • Platform Intelligence AI leverages advanced algorithms to offer data-driven insights and suggestions, enhancing goal-setting precision, identifying trends, and guiding informed decisions to optimize goal management strategies.
  • OKR Activity History maintains a record of goal-related actions and changes, aiding in tracking progress, providing a historical perspective for performance reviews, and ensuring accountability and transparency within the OKR process.
  • OKR cloning streamlines goal-setting by enabling the duplication of existing objectives. This ensures consistency, saves time, and promotes best practices across teams, facilitating efficient and aligned goal creation.
  • OKR Quality Scores offer a metric for evaluating the effectiveness and relevance of objectives, guiding users in crafting SMART goals, fostering goal quality, and ensuring alignment with organizational priorities.
  • The Whiteboard feature facilitates visual planning and brainstorming, enables collaborative ideation, fosters creativity, and aids in mapping out strategies and goals in a visual format for enhanced clarity and alignment.
  • Non-profit organizations can enjoy Quantive’s complimentary access
  • The task view consolidation enhances task progress visualization
  • Graphical progress tracking and monthly updates prove to be beneficial
  • Generate personalized reports and share them with your team with ease
User review: Ignacio

“The task view is very practical to execute on a day to day basis.”

  • The starter plan does not include the Reports feature
  • It would be helpful to have regular reminders for users to update their OKRs
  • Past tasks can only accessed by visiting previous quarter
  • The pricing for this software is comparatively higher than others in its category
User review: G2 User

“Not having reports available in the starter pack is also something I consider less positive.”

Software Ratings

Factors Quantive
Meets requirements 9.0
Ease of use 8.6
Quality of support 9.3
Product direction 8.9
Overall G2 Rating 4.4/5

User support and training

Quantive offers a knowledge base, tech support service, and expert onboarding for training your employees.

Pricing Plans

Plans Price
Essential Free
Scale $9/user/month
Enterprise (Custom Plan) Get a quote

4. Microsoft Viva Goals

Key features

  • The Chart View offers a visual representation of progress, aiding in quick comprehension of achievements, setbacks, and trends. It enables users to track performance at a glance and make informed decisions about goal refinement.
  • Initiatives facilitate action planning and execution, break down goals into actionable steps, promote accountability, and ensure focused efforts toward achieving key objectives.
  • Shared OKR Dashboards foster transparency and alignment by offering a centralized platform for teams to view and collaborate on objectives, enhancing communication and ensuring everyone is working towards the same organizational goals.
  • Check-in update notes allow users to document progress, challenges, and insights during regular check-ins, promoting accountability, facilitating discussions, and ensuring a comprehensive record of goal-related discussions.
  • OKR configurations such as weightage and grading provide flexibility and precision in setting objectives. They allow organizations to prioritize and assess goals based on significance, ensuring more nuanced and effective goal management.
  • Quick OKR Views offer a snapshot of objectives and progress, enabling rapid assessment and understanding of key initiatives, aiding decision-making, and providing a concise overview of goal performance.
  • Weekly check-in reminders are sent out regularly
  • Seamlessly integrates with Microsoft tools for a hassle-free experience
  • Boasts a simple and intuitive interface for easy navigation
User review: Aristion

“Its easy-to-use interface as well as the various functionalities which are well divided in different areas.”

  • In-app training is not provided
  • The user interface is not mobile-friendly
  • Copying or setting recurring goals is not possible
User review: G2 User

“I wish the training for it was integrated into the platform to make it easy to learn.”

Software Ratings

Factors Microsoft Viva Goals
Meets requirements9.1
Ease of use 8.6
Quality of support 8.3
Product direction 10
Overall G2 Rating 4.4/5

User support and training

Microsoft Viva Goals provides a comprehensive learning program, written materials, a support hub, a Viva Community, and recorded demonstrations of its products.

Pricing Plans

Plans Price
Standard $6/user/month
Microsoft Viva Suite$12/user/month


As highlighted, various OKR software solutions boast diverse functionalities, each with its unique strengths and limitations.

Finding the ideal fit among these alternatives to Workboard’s OKR Software necessitates assessing your organization’s specific requirements.

Leveraging free trials or demos offered by these platforms can provide invaluable hands-on experience, enabling informed decisions aligned with your organization’s goals and needs.