Weekdone OKR Software Alternatives


Welcome to our guide designed to assist you in finding the ideal OKR software for your team’s specific needs.

A proficient OKR management tool enhances goal management and fosters organizational success.

In this article, we’ll meticulously examine and compare five OKR software solutions, considering their reviews, ratings, advantages, disadvantages, and pricing.

This will empower you to make an informed choice tailored to your organization’s goals.


With Weekdone, you get more than an OKR management and weekly review tool. It is a versatile platform that addresses the complex requirements of today's organizations. Weekdone stands out as an all-inclusive solution designed to meet the diverse needs of modern organizations, going beyond traditional goal-setting.

Key features

  • Company TV Dashboards offer real-time visualizations of goal progress, fostering transparency and motivation among teams by showcasing accomplishments and promoting a culture of achievement.
  • Custom Reports provide tailored insights into goal performance, aiding in informed decision-making, enabling deeper analysis, and ensuring alignment with organizational objectives.
  • Weekly Planning features facilitate focused and organized goal setting, ensuring teams stay on track, promoting accountability, and enabling agile adjustments to align with evolving priorities.
  • Customizable Templates streamline goal-setting processes, ensuring consistency and adherence to best practices and fostering efficiency in defining and tracking objectives.
  • Visual Project Status Tracking offers a clear overview of project progress, identifies bottlenecks, facilitates better resource allocation, and ensures timely goal completion.
  • Comment Threads enable contextual discussions on objectives, promote collaboration, clarify expectations, and foster a transparent record of goal-related conversations for better decision-making.
  • Slideshow features for tracking OKR progress
  • Share new ideas and lessons learned in the News Feed
  • Displays employee satisfaction levels using various criteria
  • Dedicated notes section for important items and future reference
  • Automated weekly status and scheduled reports setup
User review: Shubham

“We are able to get regular insights on employee plans, progress, thoughts & well being. Employees get the survey bar regularly to mark their satisfaction levels while maintaining confidentiality”

  • Slideshow features for tracking OKR progress
  • Share new ideas and lessons learned in the News Feed
  • Displays employee satisfaction levels using various criteria
  • Dedicated notes section for important items and future reference
  • Automated weekly status and scheduled reports setup
User review: Qual

“Lack of existing templates, in such an advanced application there should be plenty of ready-to-use templates.”

Software Ratings

Factors Weekdone
Meets requirements 8.5
Ease of use 8.1
Quality of support 8.5
Product direction 8.9
Overall G2 Rating 4.1/5

User support and training

Weekdone provides access to its Learning Centre, videos, Live chat support, and OKR coaching for the purpose of training your employees.

Pricing Plans

Plans Price
Free Free
Custom $7.20/user/month
Enterprise (Custom Plan) Get a quote

Best four alternatives of Profit.co’s OKR Software

1. JOP (Joy of Performing)

Key features

  • The OKRs Overview Dashboard provides a centralized view of all objectives, fostering transparency and allowing users to monitor progress at a glance, aiding in alignment and informed decision-making.
  • OKR Cloning streamlines goal-setting by allowing users to replicate existing objectives, ensuring consistency, saving time, and promoting best practices across teams, thereby fostering efficient and aligned goal creation.
  • AI-powered OKR and action item creation leverage advanced technology to suggest goal strategies and action plans, provide intelligent recommendations, aid users in crafting well-defined objectives, and facilitate informed decision-making.
  • The Two-Way Continuous Feedback Feature promotes open communication, facilitating ongoing dialogue between employees and managers, fostering collaboration, and aiding in performance improvement through regular and constructive feedback loops.
  • Comments, Mentions, and File Sharing within OKRs facilitate collaborative discussions, enhancing clarity and ensuring everyone's input is heard, leading to better-informed decisions and fostering a culture of shared responsibility.
  • A Clean UI with Easy Navigation ensures a user-friendly experience, promoting ease of use and reducing the learning curve, enhancing user adoption and overall productivity within the platform.
  • Utilize AI-driven assistance to create purposeful objectives and strategies
  • Instantly acknowledge employees with feedback and badges
  • Stay updated with email notifications regarding Key Results (KRs) and other important updates
  • Track progress and collaborate on the go with the mobile app
  • Motivate team members to take action with the nudge feature
  • Achieve clarity with OKR Alignment Maps
  • Enjoy competitive pricing in comparison to other software options
  • Seamlessly integrates with popular tools such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, Jira, and Google Sheets
User review: Gaurav

“They have introduced AI assistant, which has reduced the time to create meaningful OKRs.”

  • JOP’s loading speed could be further improved to enhance efficiency
  • Users want additional OKR templates on the platform
User review: Akanksha

“The system is a little bit slow; they can improve the loading speed.”

Software Ratings

Factors JOP (Joy of Performing)
Meets requirements 9.7
Ease of use 9.7
Quality of support 9.7
Product direction 9.8
Overall G2 Rating 4.8/5

User support and training

JOP provides various user support and training resources including Email and Chat Support, Ticketing System, In-app Help Center, Personalized Onboarding, OKR Implementation Training, and OKR Champion Training.

Pricing Plans

Plans Price
Start Up Free for 2 Quarters
Scale Up $6.99/user/month (Annual 7% off)
Enterprise (Custom Plan) Get a quote

2. Profit.co

Key features

  • Inbuilt OKR Templates offer pre-designed frameworks that expedite goal creation, ensure consistency, guide users through best practices, streamline the process, and align objectives effectively.
  • Likes, Comments, and @Mentions foster collaboration and engagement, enabling teams to discuss, provide feedback, and highlight critical aspects within OKRs, ensuring clarity and promoting a culture of active participation and communication.
  • OKR Alignment Views visually represent goal alignment, ensuring clarity on how individual objectives contribute to overarching goals, aiding in strategic planning, and fostering cohesive efforts.
  • Customized Task-related Fields offer flexibility in capturing specific task details, allowing users to tailor information according to their needs, enhancing organization, and enabling a more granular view of progress.
  • PowerPoint Reports offer a presentation-ready format for sharing OKR progress and insights, facilitating effective communication, and enabling stakeholders to grasp key information efficiently.
  • Performance Heat Maps visually represent goal progress and performance, aiding in identifying areas of success or improvement allowing teams to focus efforts and resources effectively.
  • Automated Reminders ensure timely notifications, keeping teams on track with deadlines and tasks, enhancing accountability, and reducing the risk of missing crucial milestones or updates within the OKR framework.
  • Personalize your OKR views to match your preferences
  • Manage meetings and projects with adaptable workspaces
  • Generate PowerPoint OKR reports instantly for seamless presentations
  • Enhance the user experience by customizing features to your liking
User review: G2 User

“The platform’s flexibility allowed us to tailor fields, metrics, and assessment criteria as our program evolved.”

  • Super users receive numerous notifications
  • There are restricted choices for downloading reports
  • The record of check-ins are not available
User review: G2 User

“As a super user one receives a lot of notifications including performance review results for staff they are not supposed to see.”

Software Ratings

Factors Profit.co
Meets requirements 9.2
Ease of use 8.7
Quality of support 9.7
Product direction 9.4
Overall G2 Rating 4.7/5

User support and training

At Profit.co, you can access a dedicated support center, a comprehensive list of FAQs, OKR training resources, and expert assistance to train your teams.

Pricing Plans

Plans Price
Launch Free
Growth $9/user/month
Enterprise (Custom Plan) Get a quote

3. Quantive

Key features

  • OKR Cycles and Sessions offer structured timelines for goal-setting and review, ensuring a systematic approach to managing objectives, fostering regular assessments, and facilitating strategic planning within defined timeframes.
  • Built-in OKR Templates provide pre-designed frameworks for goal-setting, expediting the process, ensuring consistency, guiding users through best practices, streamlining goal creation and alignment.
  • OKR cloning streamlines goal-setting by enabling the duplication of existing objectives, ensuring consistency, saving time, and promoting best practices across teams. It facilitates efficient and aligned goal creation.
  • OKR Activity History maintains a record of changes and actions related to objectives, offering insights into the evolution of goals, aiding in tracking progress, and providing a historical context for informed decision-making.
  • OKR Quality Scores offer a metric for evaluating the effectiveness and relevance of objectives, guiding users in crafting SMART goals, fostering goal quality, and ensuring alignment with organizational priorities.
  • AI Intelligence aids in creating SMART and effective OKRs by providing intelligent suggestions and recommendations, enhancing the quality and relevance of objectives, and assisting users in crafting impactful goals aligned with organizational strategies.
  • Non-profit organizations can enjoy Quantive Results complimentary access
  • AI-powered assistance for setting goals
  • Efficiently visualize task progress with the consolidated task view
  • Benefit from monthly updates and track progress through informative graphs
  • Generate personalized reports and effortlessly share them with your teams as required
User review: G2 User

“Able to do monthly updates and track progress with a graph.”

  • The starter plan does not include the Reports feature
  • It would be helpful to have a regular reminder for users to update their OKRs
  • The platform lacks built-in survey features.
  • Accessing historical tasks is not straightforward, as they are only available in previous quarters
  • The pricing for this software is relatively higher compared to others in the same category
User review: G2 User

“I don’t like that you cannot easily see history or past tasks and that you can only look at them via previous quarters.”

Software Ratings

Factors Quantive
Meets requirements 9.0
Ease of use 8.6
Quality of support 9.3
Product direction 8.9
Overall G2 Rating 4.6/5

User support and training

Quantive provides various services, including a knowledge base, technical support, and expert onboarding to train your staff.

Pricing Plans

Plans Price
Essential Free
Scale $9/ Users/Month
Enterprise (Custom Plan) Get a quote

4. Peoplebox

Key features

  • Custom Dashboards: Custom Dashboards offer personalized views of OKR progress, fostering tailored insights for users, aiding decision-making, and ensuring a focused approach toward achieving objectives.
  • Business Reviews (Monthly and Quarterly): Business Reviews provide structured sessions for comprehensive evaluation and strategic planning, facilitating regular assessments, aligning teams, and ensuring continuous improvement aligned with organizational goals.
  • KPIs Tracking Board: The KPIs Tracking Board offers a centralized view of key performance indicators, enabling efficient monitoring of critical metrics, aiding in performance assessment, and ensuring alignment with broader objectives.
  • Mind Mapping: Mind Mapping provides a visual representation of relationships between objectives, aiding in understanding dependencies and connections, fostering strategic alignment, and enabling better decision-making.
  • Integrations with Common Tools: Integrations with Common Tools streamline workflows by connecting with widely used applications, enhancing usability, and allowing seamless data exchange, ensuring an integrated and efficient OKR management experience for users.
  • Specialized segment for personal meetings
  • Natively incorporates Google Sheets and Jira
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Ability to solicit feedback from peers and managers
User review: Saloni

“It’s simple, easy to use, and comes with useful integrations. The icing on the cake is the section for 1:1 meetings.”

  • The platform does not offer an anonymous survey feature
  • There is no option to attach files
  • It is not possible to track OKR progress quarter-by-quarter
  • There is no dedicated mobile app available for users
User review: Roopkumar

“There is no nothing to say dislike, but need some improvements, if we introduce the attach files as an option then it will be good, so that people can submit the report with any screenshots were necessary.”

Software Ratings

Factors Peoplebox
Meets requirements 8.6
Ease of use 8.6
Quality of support 8.8
Product direction 9.1
Overall G2 Rating 4.5/5

User support and training

Peoplebox provides a help center and onboarding and implementation support in their plan.

Pricing Plans

Plans Price
Performance + Engagement $7/user/month
OKR Platform $8/user/month
Full-Suite Professional Plan $12/user/month
Full-Suite Premium Plan $15/user/month
Enterprise Plan Get a quote


Each OKR software presents unique functionalities with distinct strengths and weaknesses.

To choose the best-suited OKR software, evaluating your specific organizational needs and objectives is crucial.

Exploring free trials can provide firsthand experience, aiding in selecting the optimal OKR solution aligned with your team’s requirements.