Huminos OKR Software Alternatives


Welcome to our guide designed to assist you in finding the ideal OKR software tailored to your team’s needs.

The right OKR management tool can significantly boost goal management and foster organizational success.

In this article, we’ll meticulously compare five OKR software solutions, analyzing their reviews, ratings, advantages, disadvantages, and pricing.

This will empower you to make an informed choice best suited to your organization’s objectives.


Huminos is an all-inclusive OKR platform that prioritizes the ease of creating, aligning, and monitoring Objectives and Key Results (OKRs). It provides valuable insights through user-friendly dashboards, efficient task management, and regular check-ins.

Key features

  • The self-reflection feature empowers users to introspect on their objectives, fostering accountability, self-awareness, and continuous improvement, enhancing personal commitment to goal achievement.
  • Check-ins and scoring enable regular progress updates and evaluations, ensuring continuous feedback loops, tracking performance, and facilitating adjustments toward goal attainment.
  • Performance conversations and summaries offer structured discussions on goal progress, enabling meaningful dialogues, clarifying expectations, and summarizing achievements for a comprehensive performance assessment.
  • Pre-built templates streamline the capture of initiatives, saving time, ensuring consistency, and guiding users through best practices. They facilitate a structured approach to implementing strategies aligned with objectives.
  • 1:1 Conversations provide a dedicated space for personalized discussions between individuals and their managers, fostering open communication, addressing concerns, and aligning efforts with broader organizational objectives.
  • Reports, Dashboards, and Analytics offer visual representations of OKR progress and performance insights, facilitating informed decision-making, providing actionable insights, and aiding in strategic planning for continuous improvement.
  • Enables personalized performance assessment
  • Facilitates self and guided evaluation of OKRs
  • Social platform for sharing OKR progress and interacting with others
  • Provides cost-effective pricing options in this particular category
User review: Sunil

“The huminos OKR solution is a game-changer for businesses at any scale. The outcome-based pricing is icing on the cake.”

  • Enables personalized performance assessment
  • Facilitates self and guided evaluation of OKRs
  • Social platform for sharing OKR progress and interacting with others
  • Provides cost-effective pricing options in this particular category
User review: Ayush

“Integration with other tools would be great.”

Software Ratings

Factors Huminos
Meets requirements Unavailable
Ease of use Unavailable
Quality of support Unavailable
Product direction 4.8
Overall G2 Rating 4.8/5

User support and training

Huminos includes a help center, OKR learning videos, Slack community and OKR coaches for training your employees.

Pricing Plans

Plans Price
Singular pricing plan $5/user/month

Best four alternatives of Profit.co’s OKR Software

1. JOP (Joy of Performing)

Key features

  • The OKRs Overview Dashboard provides a centralized view of objectives and key results, offering a comprehensive snapshot of progress, aiding decision-making, and ensuring team alignment.
  • OKR Cloning streamlines goal-setting processes by enabling the duplication of existing objectives, ensuring consistency, and promoting best practices, thereby saving time and aligning efforts.
  • AI-powered OKRs facilitate intelligent suggestions and recommendations for goal-setting, enhance the relevance and effectiveness of objectives, and guide users in crafting impactful and aligned goals.
  • Two-way continuous Feedback fosters open communication, collaboration, and growth by enabling ongoing discussions between team members and managers. It promotes a culture of transparency and improvement.
  • Recorded check-ins offer a historical record of progress and discussions, aid in tracking performance, facilitate evaluations, and provide a comprehensive view of goal-related interactions.
  • The OKR Activity Log records actions and changes related to objectives, offering insights into goal evolution, aiding decision-making, and providing a historical context for informed assessments.
  • Comments, Mentions, and file-sharing functionalities promote collaboration and clarity by allowing users to discuss, notify, and share relevant documents within the OKR framework, ensuring effective communication and knowledge sharing.
  • Utilize AI technology to assist in creating OKRs and action items
  • Ensure team alignment and accountability through the use of OKR Alignment Maps
  • Gather honest opinions from team members through anonymous surveys
  • Provide instant recognition to employees through feedback and badges
  • Stay informed about actions taken on OKRs through email notifications
  • Benefit from thoughtful OKR management features and more affordable pricing compared to competitors
  • Enhance productivity with a clean UI and easy navigation
User review: Shaikh

“A simple effective tool for strategy execution. Customer support helped in easy implementation.”

  • More optimization is needed for the dedicated insights section
User review: Siddharth

“JOP can improve on the insights module.”

Software Ratings

Factors JOP (Joy of Performing)
Meets requirements 9.7
Ease of use 9.7
Quality of support 9.7
Product direction 9.8
Overall G2 Rating 4.8/5

User support and training

JOP provides many user support and training resources, including Email and Chat Support, Ticketing System, In-app Help Center, Personalized Onboarding, OKR Implementation Training, and OKR Champion Training.

Pricing Plans

Plans Price
Start Up Free for 2 Quarters
Scale Up $6.99/user/month (Annual 7% off)
Enterprise (Custom Plan) Get a quote

2. Profit.co

Key features

  • Inbuilt OKR Templates streamline the goal-setting process, providing standardized frameworks that guide users in crafting effective objectives, saving time, and ensuring consistency in goal creation
  • Pre-scoring on OKRs allows for preliminary assessments of goal achievability, providing an initial gauge of feasibility and progress aiding in prioritization and focus on key results.
  • Engagement features like Likes, Comments, and @Mentions promote collaboration and communication within the OKR framework, encouraging discussions, sharing insights, and fostering a collaborative environment.
  • Task Checklists within OKRs enable the breakdown of objectives into actionable steps, ensuring clarity, accountability, and a structured approach toward achieving key results
  • Automated Reminders ensure timely progress updates and task completion by prompting users, reducing oversights, and maintaining momentum toward goal attainment.
  • Performance Heat Maps offer visual representations of progress, highlighting areas of success or concern, facilitating quick and easy insights into goal performance, and aiding in decision-making processes.
  • Flexible Workspaces for managing meetings and projects
  • Ability to instantly generate PowerPoint OKR reports
  • Users can customize their OKR views to suit their preferences
User review: Kari

“I really enjoy the flexibility and customizability of Workspaces in Profit – we use these to manage meetings, projects, and as a supplement to OKRs.”

  • Excessive notifications for super users, including some that are unnecessary
  • Customization options are restricted to generating individual efficiency reports regularly
  • Limited report download options
User review: G2 User

“As a superuser one receives a lot of notifications including performance review results for staff they are not supposed to see.”

Software Ratings

Factors Profit.co
Meets requirements 9.2
Ease of use 8.7
Quality of support 9.7
Product direction 9.4
Overall G2 Rating 4.7/5

User support and training

Profit.co offers a dedicated help center, FAQs, OKR training resources, and expert support to train your teams.

Pricing Plans

Plans Price
Launch Free
Growth $9/user/month
Enterprise (Custom Plan) Get a quote

3. xto10x

Key features

  • Pre-built templates streamline goal-setting processes, offering starting points and best practices. They enable efficient and standardized creation of objectives aligned with organizational strategies.
  • Governance analytics and dashboards empower users with comprehensive insights, fostering informed decision-making by presenting data-driven perspectives on OKR performance and organizational alignment.
  • An automated scoring system simplifies assessment, ensuring objective and consistent evaluation of OKRs, enhancing transparency, and facilitating fair performance measurement across the organization.
  • Downloadable reports offer a tangible way to share and review OKR progress, facilitating offline discussions, enabling documentation, and supporting strategic planning based on historical data.
  • Employee self-reflections encourage individual accountability and continuous improvement by providing a platform for personal assessment, fostering introspection, and empowering employees in their professional development.
  • The activity log and dashboard maintain a comprehensive record of OKR-related activities, aiding in progress tracking, identifying bottlenecks, and ensuring a transparent view of the journey toward achieving objectives.
  • Teams can utilize the survey module to collect valuable insights
  • The option to upload OKRs in bulk is available
  • A valuable survey module is included to gather the team’s insights
User review: Rahul

“I like the capability to Bulk upload goals.”

  • Exporting OKRs may present some difficulties
  • It is not specifically designed for OKRs only
  • Cannot download OKR reports in PDF format
  • There is no dedicated mobile app available
User review: Darshana

“A download option of a report in pdf format should have been more helpful.”

Software Ratings

Factors xto10x
Meets requirements 8.4
Ease of use 8.4
Quality of support 9.1
Product direction 9.1
Overall G2 Rating 4.6/5

User support and training

Xto10x provides a product assistance hub and premium personalized support.

Pricing Plans

Plans Price
OKRs and Performance Management Plan $6/ User/Month
Employee Engagement Plan $2/ Users/Month
All-in-One Plan $7/user/month

4. Fitbots

Key features

  • OKR Alignment Boards aid in visualizing cross-functional dependencies, fostering clearer alignment between goals, teams, and strategies, and facilitating coordinated efforts toward common objectives.
  • Weekly check-ins ensure consistent progress tracking, promoting accountability, facilitating discussions around goal achievements, and addressing any obstacles or needed adjustments promptly.
  • Seamless integration with Jira enhances efficiency by linking task progress directly to OKRs, streamlining workflows, and providing a comprehensive view of how initiatives contribute to overarching goals.
  • Providing a mechanism for appreciation and feedback nurtures a positive work culture, enhancing morale, motivation, and team cohesion while acknowledging individual and collective efforts.
  • The built-in academy fosters continuous learning and development, empowering employees to acquire new skills, knowledge, and competencies aligned with organizational objectives.
  • Robust insights and reports offer actionable data, enabling informed decision-making, identifying trends, and providing a clear overview of progress, ultimately aiding in optimizing strategies and performance.
  • The check-ins include weekly progress review feature
  • Visualize cross-functional dependencies using the alignment board
  • Utilize AI assistance to create OKRs
User review: Rajeshwari

“Loved the OKR AI Assist that helped craft high quality OKRs.”

  • The main dashboard has the potential to provide a more extensive range of information
  • It would be beneficial to integrate the main dashboard with other commonly used apps
  • A quick employee survey feature is missing from the main dashboard
User review: G2 User

“I would like it to be integrated with more office and productivity apps.”

Software Ratings

Factors Fitbots
Meets requirements 9.1
Ease of use 9.1
Quality of support 9.9
Product direction 10
Overall G2 Rating 4.8/5

User support and training

Fitbots provides various resources to assist you in training your team, including a knowledge base, an email OKR course, and an OKR Academy.

Pricing Plans

Plans Price
Surge $7/user/month
Scale $10/user/month
Rise $12/user/month


The comparison of various OKR software reveals the diversity in functionalities and respective strengths and weaknesses.

Selecting the optimal OKR software hinges on understanding your organization’s unique requirements and aligning them with the offerings of these platforms.

Exploring free trials can provide firsthand experience and insight into the software’s compatibility with your organizational needs, facilitating a well-informed decision-making process.